Webcast Recording: Collaboration in the Workplace

We’ve reached the weekend, so sit back, relax, and curl up with this Commercial Integrator webinar, “Exploring the Future of Collaboration for Integrators.”

You don’t have to be an integrator to find value in this recording. Anybody who is responsible for improving the workplace environment forĀ an organization’s employees will find this a rewarding hour of listening and learning.

During this event, you’ll hear from experts who offer their opinions on how the physical workplace is changing in terms of layout and how technology fits within it. Dale Bottcher, SVP of Sales for AVI-SPL, kicks off the talk, and is followed by David Danto of Dimension Data and John Mitton of Red Thread.

Review the recording “Exploring the Future of Collaboration for Integrators.”

If you want to improve the quality of the collaboration and communication in your environment, we’d like to hear from you. Contact us at sales@avispl.com or 866-559-8197.

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