Insights into the Advantages of Telecommuting

Worker telecommuting from homeCan working from home really be more efficient than being desk-bound in a conventional office environment?  A recent study by Stanford University indicates the answer is yes. That affirmation should bring hope to those millions of workers around the world wishing they could escape morning and evening commutes, and give hope to business owners and organizations that want to increase their ROI while still retaining their best employees.

Researchers looked at 255 employees for a multibillion-dollar airfare and ticketing agency in China, with half working from home and the other half half commuting to the office.  An article on the study summarizes the benefits of the arrangement for the company that took part in this experiment:

Over the duration of the experiment, home workers answered 15 percent more calls, partly because each hour was 4 percent more productive, and partly because home office employees spent 11 percent more time answering phone calls. (Home workers took fewer breaks and sick days, rarely arrived late to their desks, and had fewer distractions.) While answering more calls, the distractions of home life had no impact on the quality of service: The home-work group converted phone calls into sales at exactly the same rate as those in the office.

I’ve read a number of studies and summaries on the benefits of telecommuting and mobile working — predictions about how teleworking will increase over the next few years and the overall savings for companies that lower their cost of doing business by employing people that work from home. But this particular article and study caught my eye for its detailed quantification of how much productivity could be increased when people are given the freedom to work from their own home.

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