AVI-SPL Improves Remote Managed Services With Communicator Proxy

As InfoComm 2013 gets underway, AVI-SPL has just announced a new offering that expands our ability to monitor a customer’s AV equipment and video conferencing endpoints behind its firewall.

AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy provides standards-based polling of all IP-reachable devices within the customer’s network and reports the information back to our cloud-based VNOC Symphony® managed services platform in real-time. Instead of hundreds of devices trying to talk to the cloud through the enterprise firewall, all communication is consolidated through the proxy, which provides the information to the VNOC. It also allows commands from the VNOC to be sent securely to the client devices for call launches and device control. For more information, please read our press release on Communicator Proxy.

We’ve developed Communicator Proxy to help IT organizations limit the number of external connections to their corporate network. AVI-SPL is the only video managed service provider with this capability. Until now, all video managed service providers required a dedicated connection to customer networks in order to monitor meeting room equipment and launch video calls. AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy puts key modules of our VNOC Symphony® managed services platform behind the customer’s firewall and uses their standard ports in the firewall to communicate with Symphony.

Benefits of AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy

  • Monitoring: Standards-based polling of all devices within the customer’s network. Reports the information back to the VNOC Symphony cloud in real-time.
  • Management: A secure link from the Symphony cloud to the Communicator Proxy sends call launching and device control information to the hundreds of devices located on the secure network.
  • Secure Access: A secure, single egress point for VNOC personnel to access devices via their integrated remote management capabilities.

Stop by booth #2381 at infoComm 2013 in Orlando this June 12-14 to see a live demonstration of AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy. Learn more about how AVI-SPL is improving management of your meeting room spaces. Contact sales@avispl.com.


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