Video Might Be Next for 911 Calls

In a story just reported by PC World, the FCC is taking the first steps toward enabling the 911 system to receive video. According to the report, mobile phone users would be able to send videos to emergency response agencies when they dial 911.  Of course, the blend of video with emergency operations is something with which we at AVI-SPL are very familiar and in which we take a keen interest.Command Center with Video Displays

Our Control Room Group is experienced in supporting emergency operations centers with the most current video communication solutions. To find out how CRG can design and install the control room environment that addresses the needs of your operations, give us a call us at 1-800-282-6733, or send an email to You can also read more about CRG’s approach to space planning and ergonomic analysis, and how we select the technology that goes into your environment.

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