Acoustic Echo Cancellation Tech Paper by AVI-SPL and Biamp

AVI-SPL and Biamp Systems have teamed up to issue a free tech paper on the importance of acoustic echo cancellation during distance collaboration sessions. Based on a recent webinar hosted by AVI-SPL and presented by Biamp, “The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Audio Conferencing” looks at the causes of acoustic echo and the steps that can be taken to eliminate it.

Those who’ve experienced echo during their conference call sessions know how disruptive it can be to a productive meeting. This paper describes the conditions that can contribute to acoustic echo and the ways it can be overcome, including Biamp’s Sona technology.

To learn what an acoustic echo canceller (AEC) does and considerations when deciding which type of AEC to purchase, access this free tech paper, “The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Audio Conferencing.” Topics covered include:

  • Factors that contribute to acoustic echo
  • How AEC works
  • Critical components of an AEC device

In January, AVI-SPL and Biamp Systems presented the webinar “Successful Communications: What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing.” Biamp’s Read Wineland, who led the presentation, explored a number of aspects related to audio during conferences, including an overview of acoustic echo cancellation and its importance to distance collaboration.

It’s our hope that this paper will serve as a handy and informative reference sheet. If you have any questions about this topic, are considering audio conferencing for your enterprise or want to upgrade your current system, contact AVI-SPL at 1-800-282-6733 or


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