Sony Cameras Bring Lucy to the Cinema

Scarlett Johansson’s latest movie — the way-out-there Lucy — opened in theaters last Friday. It’s loopy, audacious, and over-the-top — traits shared by director Luc Besson’s other well-known cinematic fare (The Fifth Element, The Professional). I mention this because Sony, a partner of AVI-SPL used in many of our integrations, has linked to a making-of featurette about Lucy on its YouTube page. Lucy was filmed in 4K using Sony’s F65 cameras. In an interview with Film and Digital Times, cinematographer Thierry Arbogast discusses the decision to use the F65s:

We shot most of the film with two F65 cameras. We chose them after doing many tests with all the major brands. After screening the results in a theater, our favorite camera for the look of this film was the F65 — especially for its color space.

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