SMART and Cisco TelePresence Deliver Enhanced Collaboration

Cisco and SMART have entered into a joint interoperability agreement that integrates Cisco TelePresence with SMART products, allowing conference participants to share notes and applications in real time while participating in live video conferencing. Cisco TelePresence Synch makes the interactivity between the two possible, so that participants can share diagrams that are visible to everyone participating in a TelePresence call. This solution enhances distance learning in the classroom, as well as collaborative efforts that require face-to-face meetings and the sharing of documents that can be annotated, for a collaborative experience. Learn more about the benefits of Cisco TelePresence Synch.

Watch a demonstration of SMART and Cisco TelePresence interactivity below. Contact AVI-SPL at 1-800-282-2733 to learn how you can bring the power of Cisco and SMART into your enterprise with the design and support of the world’s leading communication solutions integrator.

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