Healthcare Reform Highlights Advantages of Telemedicine

Changes are fast approaching this year that underscore the need for healthcare providers to reduce their expenses while maintaining competitiveness by providing high-quality care. As provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act come into play, spending on healthcare is expected to increase to $3.1 trillion in 2014 to meet the demand presented by an additional 30 million people gaining insurance coverage.

Whether all or only parts of the ACA take effect this October, efficiency will be the key to the healthcare providers remaining competitive. Telemedicine technologies — empowering patients and physicians to meet from remote locations while sharing vital signs via mobile applications — are on the rise as the industry seeks new models to deliver care anywhere while keeping costs down.

High-definition video communication tools give community hospitals and managed-care organizations the ability to enhance and expedite care. Using video, physicians mentor assistants and nurse practitioners who are working under their license during patient treatment in rural areas, expanding available resources to patients in those areas. Other advantages of video-based, real-time telemedicine include:

  • Delivery and administration of acute stroke care in local communities through telestroke programs
  • Medical professionals receive interactive, up-to-date training and continuing education on procedures, operations, medical breakthroughs, new products and more
  • Surgeons direct live medical procedures from remote locations
  • HD cameras, video conferencing  and smart medical devices (such as tele-stethoscopes and tele-otoscopes) enable interactive remote examination

Through HD video conferencing as well as the capture, streaming and archiving of medical images, telemedicine:

  • Saves time and money on travel to administer care
  • Extends reach of training and professional collaboration
  • Enables remote oversight of procedures
  • Allows the sharing of diagnostics with experts at remote locations

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