May 27 Webinar on AV and Cybersecurity: Watch the Video Preview

With so many AV devices now connected to the network, the need for cybersecurity in AV projects has never been greater. In this AVI-SPL webinar, hosted by Commercial Integrator and My TechDecisions, you’ll learn why your AV integrator should be implementing and potentially offering cybersecurity measures.

Three Crestron experts will be on hand to offer their insight and guidance. John Pavlik, senior director, systems engineering; Alex Peras, manager, product management, digital media; and Joseph Sarrasin, director, product strategy UC, will discuss many aspects of cybersecurity that AV integrators and their clients need to consider in order to make sure that their customers and their firm are secured.

Topics will include:

  • Security measures for AV over IP
  • Making sure unified communications systems are secure
  • The pros and cons of cybersecurity insurance
  • How vital it is to utilize products with inherent cybersecurity measures

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