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Fully Engage Students with the SMART Slate

The SMART Slate connects wirelessly to your computer from up to 32′ (10 m) away. While using a projector and your computer, the wireless slate makes it easy for you to comfortably interact with lesson material. Simultaneously, your students can view the same content on a large projection screen.

To further enhance whole-class, small-group and individual instruction, the SMART Slate seamlessly integrates with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Podium interactive pen display and SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

Reach all students in your classroom by handing them the wireless slate and giving them the opportunity to solve problems or demonstrate their knowledge on a specific subject. For example, as you walk around the classroom, you can write out a math problem using the SMART Slate and then hand it to a student to complete the answer. Their work will be projected for the whole class to see, and the class can collaborate to reach the best solution.

Wireless capabilities also provide an added benefit for students with limited mobility, since SMART Slate can move to where they sit, and helps you reach shyer students in your class.

The SMART Slate™ wireless slate brings new possibilities to the classroom, giving you and your students the freedom to interact with digital content from anywhere in the room. As you use the pen to write on the surface of the wireless slate, your handwriting displays on both your computer screen and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or a projection screen for all to see.

Learn More About SMART Products

Visit SMART’s product page with AVI-SPL by clicking here. You can also reach an AVI-SPL representative by calling 800-282-6733 today!

Interactive Whiteboards, Slates and Response Systems All Captured with AverPen

Ever imagine it would be possible to combine interactive whiteboard, wireless slate and response system features into one complete, yet affordable solution? Imagination is now reality with AVerPen, a true 21st Century Classroom solution. This exciting tool combines the intuitive features of existing interactive whiteboard technologies into a mobile, collaborative learning solution. You’ll stimulate teacher, student and group engagement, and gain immediate feedback. All from virtually any surface in the room!

Collaborative Learning Made Easy

AVerPen was developed to further interactivity between teacher and student or student groups while providing innovative new tools combined in an easy-to-use and highly mobile product.

Each student or group will learn, collaborate and problem-solve together, while the built-in Group Response System provides immediate assessment. Imagine the ability to equip two or more classrooms with a full 21st Century interactive solution for the average cost of purchasing and installing a single interactive whiteboard!

Teacher pens are able to control all features as well as activate, limit or expand student pen functions, and since the pens function on virtually any surface, mobility is greatly increased by eliminating the need to use a static board or carry a bulky state.

All AVerPen and AVerVision Document Camera features are wrapped with one easy to use software tool, eliminating the need for training and support of multiple solutions from multiple vendors.

Get This Technology for Your Classroom!

Say goodbye to board calibration, bulky slates, static teaching and constant whole-class instruction! Teach anywhere, and learn everywhere with AVerPen! Contact an AVI-SPL representative at 866-559-8197, or click here to request a quote.