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Product Focus: SMART kapp Virtual Dry Erase Board

SMART kapp virtual dry erase boardThe dry erase board has been a mainstay of meeting rooms. But we know its limitations — it’s hard to capture or share what you’ve written on an erase board unless you take a photo or quickly scribble down notes. Those are hardly solutions to the challenge of saving and sharing valuable notes. And it can be difficult for remote participants to see what’s being shared.

Solving this problem is SMART kapp™, a virtual dry erase board, pen and eraser that allows users to create text and pictures, and then capture them digitally for sharing them to a mobile device, tablet or PC. Remote participants can see use their devices to see what you’re writing as you’re writing it.

  • Mobile app allows you to capture collaborative ideas to your phone or tablet
  • Pick up the dry-erase pen and start writing. Capture content in high-quality image or PDF files
  • Share what you are drawing instantly with others via weblink
  • Live sharing to the cloud uses encrypted protocols
  • Bluetooth connection between the SMART kapp and mobile device is also encrypted

SMART kapp made quite an impression at InfoComm 2014 — so much so that it was named Best Overall New Product.

To get the SMART kapp at a great price, email To see it in action, watch this video taken at InfoComm 2014: