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Polycom’s New Video Conferencing Initiatives

Polycom, a key AVI-SPL partner in video conferencing solutions for our clients around the world, has been the highlight of this week’s audiovisual industry news releases, unveiling an initiative that will expand the accessibility of high-definition, standards-based video conferencing services that can be delivered via traditional room setups, mobile and social media sharing outlets. The solutions can be delivered on premises, hosted or from the video cloud.

In reading the press release for Polycom’s software-based effort to drive HD video conferencing, one of the elements that caught my eye was the company’s commitment to create the first open HD “video cloud” exchange with service providers.

The commitment toward standards-based environments is critical to the success of businesses going forward, as it ensures that infrastructures created for one set of solutions don’t have to be ripped out and started all over again down the road. A standards-based solution is interoperable in the sense that it will work with equipment and systems provided by other vendors, while also advancing a unified communications environment, one where users can seamlessly switch between different devices. The advantages for SMBs and large enterprises is the ability to work through business processes at a faster rate, increasing the efficiency of operations.

Polycom also announced this week that it is rebranding its UC Intelligent Core™ as the Polycom® RealPresence Platform™. This software-based infrastructure enables video resource and content management, as well as universal access to video collaboration from within and outside the enterprise. Other advantages include:

• Supports 25,000 concurrent sessions and 75,000 device registrations
• Integrates with unified communications solutions,including Microsoft Lync
• Uses 50 percent less bandwidth than comparable solutions
• Scalable to support growing enterprises

The versatility of the Polycom RealPresence Platform makes it ideal for businesses looking for the best combination of devices with a unified communications setup.

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