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How AV Tech Brings Citizens and Government Together

AVI-SPL VP of Sales Tracie Bryant looks at the efforts of cities, including San Francisco and Westland, MI, to engage the public with technology that brings government functions closer to those they serve. The same types of AV technology are also largely intended to improve the quality of life for citizens. Get inspired when you read about examples of what these cities are doing in “How AV Tech Brings Citizens and Government Together.”

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Why Are State and Local Agencies Investing in Video Collaboration?

In Polycom’s Public Sector View blog, AVI-SPL VP of Sales Tracie Bryant answers questions that cover:

  • Why state and local agencies are investing in video collaboration systems
  • Federal grants available to these agencies
  • Areas of growth for grant funding
  • Resources for acquiring grant funding

Read the interview at the Polycom Public Sector View blog. The bottom of the interview includes a link to download our white paper: Four Enterprise Solutions for Government Agencies. Contact AVI-SPL at 1-866-559-8197 to bring the benefits of video collaboration into your daily operations.