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AMX Modero X Panoramic Wall Touch Panel, 20.3”

To get the most out of your audio-visual system, you need comprehensive, user-friendly control. AV control gets a touch of elegance with the 20.3” Modero X Panoramic Wall Touch Panel by AMX.

The Modero X comes hardware-ready to support Near Field Communications technology, allowing for personalization of the user experience. Its widescreen design lets you dynamically re-arrange the windows and control multiple functions simultaneously, including digital signage and meeting room scheduling. It’s perfect for conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and waiting areas. Be sure to check out the video of the Modero X Panoramic Wall Touch Panel, taken at the recent InfoComm 2011 conference.

Build Your AV System With AVI-SPL

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Apple’s New Tablet, the iPad, for AV

iPad The technophiles, especially Apple groupies, have been eagerly waiting for (and speculating about) the official announcement about Apple’s new tablet computer. Today, Steve Jobs, along with a slew of Apple executives and developers, unveiled the iPad. With a starting price of $499, this sleek tablet could make a big impact on the AV industry.

A few uses:

  • In conference rooms instead of significantly-more-expensive touch panel displays (with the right software- perhaps with the newly released Crestron XPanel for Mac?)
  • In classrooms replacing textbooks, scientific calculators, pocket translators, calendars and desktop computers with one device
  • For presenters, iWork – Keynote allows users to present natively by connecting to a projector

What other uses can you think of?

For more information about the iPad, click here.