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AVI-SPL Execs Talk Telepresence, 3D

Commercial Integrator Magazine looked to AVI-SPL for insight into issues of telepresence and the viability of 3D video conferencing.

Commercial Integrator’s article on revenue opportunities in telepresence reports that 91 percent of respondents to a National Systems Contractors Assocation survey expect revenue from telepresence to grow over the next three years. AVI-SPL CEO John Zettel talked about the increasing share of revenue that telepresence will account for with pro AV companies. “The adoption of video in [public meeting] rooms will increase dramatically over the next few years as it penetrates corporate America, and that’s a big move in our industry,” Zettel said.

The magazine also reported on Panasonic’s unveiling of its HD Visual Communications System at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As the article noted, the main selling point of the HDVC is its 3D capability. Mike Brandofino, AVI-SPL’s executive vice president of video conferencing and unified collaboration, likened the current positioning of 3D to HD when it was first introduced. Brandofino said he expects the technology to catch on in areas where detail is critical, like telemedicine, manufacturer design and engineering.

Make sure to read both articles for everything Zettel, Brandofino and other industry execs had to say on these timely topics.

VGo Telepresence Robot Rolls in at CES 2011

In the following video, Brad Kayton talked about his company’s VGo telepresence robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

This 4-foot tall teleconferencing breakthrough on wheels is really something to behold. VGo lets you see, hear, talk and move around freely throughout a distant location as if you were there. As you’ll see, Kayton calls it “your avatar in a remote location.”

Imagine being able to not only communicate with others via a teleconference, but also being able to freely move about a space hundreds or even thousands of miles away. With VGo, you’re able to check in on contractors or visit a district area without the expense or hassle of travel.

VGo isn’t your typical, static videoconferencing solution where people on both sides of the call must be sitting in front of a camera. VGo provides remote-controlled mobility and offers two-way video and audio. It’s also very easy to use, thanks to a simple point-and-click user interface.

AVI-SPL Blog Week in Review

Monday: What the Analog Sunset Means to You: We explain the parameters and impact of the analog sunset and how it relates to Blu-ray technology.

Tuesday: Why AVI-SPL Should Be Your AV System Integrator: Let our experience, credentials and track record of success give you the edge.

Wednesday: Video Conferencing Market Good for Business: Video conferencing and telepresence solutions are a significant slice of the revenue pie for AV integrators.

Video Conferencing Market Good for Business

An article published today by ProAV magazine looks at the importance of video conferencing in the AV market according to the National Systems Contractors Association’s (NSCA) latest briefing report. And it likes what it sees. The study found that 70 percent of integrators rely on video conferencing and telepresence systems for 20 percent of their revenue.

The article also included this eye-opening bit of info gleaned from NSCA study:

“When researchers for the NSCA MIB study asked about barriers to handling videoconferencing and telepresence projects, nearly one in five said they didn’t know telephony well enough or they didn’t have the IT networking expertise.”

Talk to the Video Conferencing Experts

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AVI-SPL Exec Talks Telepresence and Video Conferencing

Mike Brandofino, executive vice president of video communications and unified collaboration at AVI-SPL, recently discussed a range of challenges and successes in video communications.

During Brandofino’s interview, he talked about AVI-SPL’s newly opened Video Briefing Centers, the interoperability issues facing telepresence and video conferencing, and the customer advantages of the company’s ConferencePoint meeting suite.

He also went into the ROI success of AVI-SPL’s Business Video Group, which encompasses business development, product development and management, professional services, the HelpDesk and video managed services. Under Brandofino’s leadership, the BVG team launched the video-focused support program, Customer Care Plus+; Digital Media as a Services (DMaaS) and the multifunction Telepresence solution, Caméléon.

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