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Good News for Business Collaboration

Polycom recently announced that its UC Intelligent Core System will soon allow interoperability with other collaboration solutions. The news was greeted as a positive development in an industry for which communication between different vendors’ unified communications systems has proved an ongoing quest.

This announcement is good news for any business seeking to add a cost-saving video communications system to its enterprise. Polycom solutions will also be interoperable with the Cisco telepresence systems based on the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP).

Mike Brandofino, executive vice president of video communications and unified collaboration for AVI-SPL, was enthusiastic about the development, particularly because of the benefit it will have for end users.

“Polycom is definitely going down the right direction in saying it will support TIP,” said Brandofino, “especially since interoperability remains one of the main gating factors to mass adoption of video.

“It is better for the whole industry and customers if the major manufacturers implement whatever standards are required to support interoperability.”

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Robot Helps Boy Go to School (With Video)

A Texas schoolboy with a very low immune system is able to learn among his classmates thanks to a robot that allows him to attend class remotely.

Because of his illness, Lyndon Baty has to remain at home. But by using a VGo telepresence robot, he can participate in class, see and communicate with the other students, and they can see him. Click the link above and watch the video of this amazing story.

VGo Takes You There

Whether you’re a student confined to home or a manager who needs to oversee remote operations centers, VGo can take you where you need to be without ever getting on a plane.

AV Catalog Highlights AVI-SPL Services

Telepresence Options has added three AVI-SPL offerings to its Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog. They include:

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Telepresence in Manufacturing

Telepresence isn’t just for video conferencing between participants in meeting rooms. Immersive collaboration is also practical and cost-effective within manufacturing and engineering environments.

Imagine being able to meet remotely with employees on the plant floor and address equipment issues. This Telepresence in Manufacturing article by Design News describes just that, via Cisco’s Manufacturing Mobile Video Collaboration (MMVC) solution. Its MMVC allows handheld wireless cameras to share voice, video and data between remote employees. As a result, companies can bring products to market faster, reduce plant downtime and resolve supplier issues quickly. Engineers can share CAD files and up-close images of equipment, while telestration can highlight specific areas on the image being shared.

One of the coolest features may be MMVC’s integration with Cisco Telepresence. The combination allows experts to communicate face to face with employees in the field via immersive, lifelike meetings. The telepresence system can also receive live video and data feeds from handheld cameras focused on specific areas equipment, allowing participants to see those areas in detail as they collaborate and find solutions.

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