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New Ordering Process in Place for Cisco-TANDBERG Customers

Ten months ago, the finalization of Cisco’s $3.3 acquisition over TANDBERG signified a substantial championing of growth opportunities for audiovisual customers. In addition, this versatile move gave Cisco the #1 worldwide market share for video conferencing. Today, Cisco’s strategically developed distribution plan has reached the final stages of integration, with a total of approximately 1,200 total partners comprising the combined channel program.

Industry leader AVI-SPL has been proud to be a dedicated member of Cisco’s channel program throughout this transition process, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of interoperable solutions to our customers, with the quality and service they’ve come to depend on.

How have the Cisco and TANDBERG product lines been integrated?
TANDBERG video endpoints and infrastructure products have been integrated into the Cisco TelePresence portfolio and architecture:

  • TANDBERG endpoints, including components, are now part of the Cisco TelePresence endpoints business.
  • TANDBERG multipoint, interoperability, management, call/session control, and media services such as recording are now part of the Cisco TelePresence infrastructure business.
  • TANDBERG intercompany capabilities are now part of the Cisco TelePresence as a Service business.

What can AVI-SPL customers expect with the ordering process?
With the implementation of Cisco-TANDBERG’s joint orderability initiative of January 31, 2011, AVI-SPL customers can expect new Cisco part numbers to replace the discontinued Tandberg sku’s.

The one exception to the new ordering processes will be service contract renewals (service only orders). These orders will continue to use the old Tandberg part numbers and traditional ordering channels through February 28, 2011.

Questions about your order?
If you have any questions about the new ordering process, please feel free to contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197, or email

Cisco Acquisition Accepted by TANDBERG Shareholders

In looking back, the news of an impending Cisco-TANDBERG acquisition broke on October 1, immediately shaking up the landscape of the video communications industry. After a little more than two months of negotiations, 91% of TANDBERG shareholders have now accepted Cisco’s offer, exceeding the 90% condition outlined for the deal to go through.

When the initial proposition was made, only 30% of shareholders were in favor of the $3B offer, with percentages jumping to 40% when the figures increased to approximately $3.4B in late November.

As the second largest producer of video conferencing equipment, TANDBERG has reported an increase in momentum since October, introducing new endpoints and infrastructure products. With the acquisition, Cisco will now have the leverage to successfully sell lower-cost products to a wide range of markets.

Among the industry feedback:

  • “Tandberg has very strong sales partners in videoconferencing that Cisco will benefit from.” – Wainhouse Research
  • “The merger of the two companies will likely create an unstoppable force…This acquisition validates that video communications is well on its way to becoming a key enterprise communications application all the way from desktop to telepresence.”  – Frost & Sullivan
  • This development continues to validate that video communications is quickly becoming a critical application for companies, and is a key component of any enterprise’s Unified Communications strategy.  – Michael Brandofino, Executive Vice President of Video Communications and Unified Collaboration, AVI-SPL

What are your thoughts on the acquisition?

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Cisco Ups Offer for TANDBERG

The financial badminton match between Cisco and TANDBERG seems to be drawing to a close. Cisco has once again revised its offer (which is now up to around $3.4B) to purchase the videoconferencing leader, placing the birdie back in TANDBERG shareholders’ court. In addition to increasing the cash offer, Cisco has also offered to increase the interest payable on the offer price to a rate of 3.00% from its previous offer of 1.75%. According to a news release by Cisco, “this revised offer represents Cisco’s final price for this transaction.”

A total of more than 30% of shareholders have pre-accepted this offer based on the new price. These, combined with the previously announced acceptances, push the total to more than 40% acceptance of the sale. The rest of TANDBERG’s shareholders have until Dec. 1 to make a final decision.

Like many others in the AV industry, we’ll be watching from the sidelines, waiting for the birdie to fall.

To read Cisco’s full release, click here.