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Looking for New Ways to Engage Your Students? Here’s How Video Technology Can Help

Are you looking for budget-friendly solutions that meet your curriculum objectives, as well as excite your students’ motivation to learn? Audiovisual technology offers a wealth of flexible possibilities to meet these dynamic needs, appealing to both auditory and tactile learners. In a range of advanced technologies, the simplicity of video remains a perfect medium for educators and students alike.

Creativity, Self-Expression and Engagement

By incorporating video in the K-12 classroom, educators expand their ability to reach students on a number of levels. From delivering pivotal lessons in history to exploring geographical terrain, strikingly displayed visuals can quickly and easily enhance your lessons. When students take control of the technology, the opportunities for creativity, self-expression and engagement quickly rise.

Where the traditional teaching method requires students to memorize and recall information, video production allows students to make their own observations, analyze the content, reinterpret it from their own perspective and take a hands-on approach to their presentation.

For a fun approach to learning, students can video science processes in nature such as the growth of a plant, birth of small animals and the hatching of chicks. As another example, your students can get actively involved in documenting current events such as elections, and expressing the direct impact a particular issue has on lives.

Capture Your Students’ Attention and Imagination

“In an increasingly digital world, equipping students with the power of video technology can greatly capture their attention and imagination,” says Gene Bashinelli, and education technology trainer with AVI-SPL.

Bashinelli’s extensive background in video production, including work with youth-friendly entertainment networks such as VH1 and MTV, has allowed him to witness this connection first hand.

“Between iPads, android phones and more, today’s students are increasingly tech savvy,” he notes. “Using video in the classroom allows teachers to make a huge connection with students.”

A Seamless Transition

So what are the challenges? Most teachers have cited issues with technology infrastructure, product selection, training and funding as reasons why they haven’t yet integrated video into their lessons. It’s easy to feel daunted by the concept of integrating video production technology into your curriculum, but today’s technology makes for a seamless transition.

The simple tools students can use to get started include a digital video camera, microphones and video editing software. One favorite of educators is leading manufacturer Sony, who offers an array of video technology for the classroom, including the HXR-MC50U camera and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 editing suite. While Sony’s camera is compact, durable and can shoot high-definition movies and 12 megapixel still images, the Vegas software makes it easy to import and edit movies, images, and music. The winning combination of this user-friendly technology makes it easy for students to jump right in and start creating their video.

Great Reasons Why Sony belongs in Your Classroom

With video, a world of content is readily available for students to better retain what they learn, express their deepest understanding of core classroom content and practice real-life skills. In turn, educators who adopt this interactive technology have found it to be invaluable. “I teach at risk kids and use video and podcasting in my instruction,” notes one instructor. “It has transformed my classroom. If we don’t get creative, we run the risk of losing our students.”

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