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Product Tip: SMART Products Help Students with Disabilities

Most SMART products fully comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of the United States.

As an example, you can quickly prepare presentations for low-vision users using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard’s many helpful features:

  • SMART Notebook Zoom feature can enlarge any section of the screen.
  • The Magnifier tool can easily be used over any application to enlarge an area or object
  • Use the Highlighter tool to quickly emphasize important information on the screen.
  • The dynamic resize feature allows you to instantly enlarge any object.
  • Play Adobe Flash files or other multimedia formats (such as .avi and .mpeg files in SMART Video Player) that incorporate sound.
  • Press directly on the screen during presentations to focus audience attention.
  • The interactive screen’s large size makes it easy to see your presentation.

View full details regarding SMART’s compliance with Section 508.

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