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Webinar Recording: Canon’s REALiS LCOS and LX and LV DLP Projectors

Greg Scalco, a senior technical specialist for Canon, introduces you to Canon’s REALiS AISYS-enhanced LCOS projectors, as well as its LX and LV series, all of which are engineered to meet the exacting requirements of industries and applications like higher education, museums, galleries, and simulation and training. Greg addresses topics including:

  • The technology that makes the REALiS series so valuable
  • Features of specific REALiS, LX, and LV series projectors
  • Wide array of Canon lenses
  • Benefits of Canon’s laser light source

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Two Videos Offer Crash Course in Latest Canon Projectors

At the recent InfoComm in Las Vegas, Canon gave attendees and rAVe publications a look at its variety of projectors. The first video shows a Canon REALiS WUX400ST short-throw projector in action.

The second video covers Canon’s compact and full-size models.

Learn more about the benefits of Canon REALiS projectors in this webinar recording, “Understanding the Benefits of LCoS and Canon Projectors.” You can also call AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197, or fill out our contact form.