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New Case Stories From AVI-SPL Look at Entertainment and Financial Services Clients

We’ve recently added two case stories to the AVI-SPL website — one on Maryland Live! Casino and another on a financial services firm with headquarters in New York City.

For the financial services firm, we gave them the ability to connect and collaborate with its regional offices from conference rooms whose technology is cleanly integrated. Crestron DigitalMedia receivers and transmitters are present throughout this integration, along with Polycom video conferencing and Samsung displays. In keeping with the architect’s design, we were able to integrate the equipment such that the technology does not overwhelm the spaces.


At Maryland Live! Casino, we integrated video and audio systems that inform and entertain guests and are easy for the staff to control (via systems from AMX and Contemporary Research). One of the many benefits we brought to the casino was our ability to adapt to changes in the project and integrate a system that is set up for future expansion.

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How a Province in China Responds to Emergencies With Video Conferencing

The value of video conferencing extends well beyond the boardroom, as this Polycom press release on flooding in China makes clear. To better coordinate response teams for flood control safety in Liaoning Province in China, the Water Resources Department implemented a Polycom HD video conference system that allows government teams to see firsthand what’s going on in multiple areas, and meet with each other face to face on short notice.

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