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Panasonic, Christie Digital and Tannoy in Frankie’s Sports Bar

Frankie's Sports Bar Dining AreaFor Frankie’s Sports Bar in Ft. Worth, Texas, AVI-SPL integrated audio-video elements that include many high-def Panasonic displays and Tannoy speakers, as well as a Christie Digital projector.

The main dining room in Frankie’s Sports Bar features an 8′ by 14′ Draper projection screen working in tandem with an HD10K-M Christie Digital projector, and 12 Panasonic 50-inch HD flat screens, with another 20 Panasonics in the main bar.  

“There’s no way you can miss any part of the action here,” says Ta’Shan Nobriga, general manager for the Sundance Square location. “Even our restrooms come equipped with displays behind the mirrors.”

For the audio, 36 Tannoy speakers provide the sounds of the games from a powerful 5,000-watt system.

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