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Webinar: Moving Your Audio Distribution Over IP

Join this webinar on audio over IP on July 10 at 2 p.m. EST, and learn what networked audio distribution can do for your organization.

In this free Commercial Integrator and and MyTechDecisions webcast, sponsored by AVI-SPL and Harman, attendees will get a comprehensive rundown of their audio distribution over IP options.

Harman product and application sales support specialist David Tewksbury will walk through the pros and cons of several audio networking protocols. The webinar discussion is moderated by Tom LeBlanc, editorial director for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions. He will help guide the discussion through several audio distribution topics.
Attendees will learn about BLU Link, the solution that Harman says complements Ethernet-based audio transports.  The BLU Link digital audio bus provides routing flexibility, capable of 256 channels of audio directly from device to device within a rack or room.

What else will you need to know to make the right audio networking solution for your organization? Find out at this upcoming event.

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Why You Should Listen to this Talk on Workplace Transformation

Combine changing demographics, what-I-want, when-I-want-it technology trends, and new ways of thinking about work, and you have the forces that are shaping what is being talked about as “workplace transformation.”

The term carries a considerable weight — its two words implicitly promising something better than the cubicle farms that are a shorthand for the worst of office culture.

The good news is that with a little determination, unity of focus, and technology, we don’t have to settle for that kind of culture. And even a passing familiarity with business trends will confirm that plenty of businesses have evolved.

For our recent webinar on workplace transformation, representatives from Cisco and AMX by Harman offered their thoughts on why work is changing and talked about the technologies their companies specialize in and what they do to create environments where we can collaborate with those in and outside of the office.

In less than an hour, you’ll learn about the video collaboration and networked AV technology that is making it possible to create workplaces that are responsive to your needs, and to the needs of your colleagues. Some of the topics our speakers address include:

  • Importance of video collaboration
  • What is meant by a connected workplace
  • Technology that engages visitors
  • Advantages of networked AV
  • Solutions by Cisco and AMX that make improvements possible

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