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How to Create Meeting Room Standards

If you want to encourage effective collaboration within your organization — and who wouldn’t? — then you need to establish standards for your collaboration rooms and the technology within them. “Why is that?” you might ask. Well, in this AVI-SPL white paper, you’ll discover the benefits of creating meeting room standards for your workplace. You’ll also learn:

  • 5 keys to successful collaboration
  • How to choose solutions for different types of rooms
  • How to know if your standards are working

After reading this paper, you’ll understand how to create technology standards for different rooms and how those standards can make your meetings run smoothly. This will lead to a better user experience during collaboration sessions, and your employees will increase their use video collaboration in dedicated spaces.

You’ll also have a concise resource you can go to again and again. This guide includes a table of the common types of meeting rooms and the technology systems that usually go in them.

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Create Your Ideal Workplace With AVI-SPL

In this video, you’ll see why AVI-SPL is the company you can trust to deliver a workplace strategy that meets positive business outcomes that are measurable. We do it through AV and collaboration technology solutions and services we integrate into your environment. The result is a better user experience, which means better engagement with the projects that lead to your success.

Watch the video below: