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Explore New Possibilities for Learning with the Magic Planet Video Globe

With its stunning visual impact, the Magic Planet provides a truly captivating experience.

The Magic Planet amazes students, holds their attention, and keeps them fully engaged in the learning process; it makes teaching easier, and also helps students understand any subject with a global context.

Whether you teach Earth and Planetary Sciences, World History, Geography, or Social Science, the Magic Planet is an intuitive and student-friendly way to provide interactive instruction. With a Magic Planet, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.

Owning a Magic Planet means that more students will pay attention to your story, they’ll pay attention for longer, and they’ll have a more lasting connection to you and your message. This makes the Magic Planet ideal for any situation in which effective communication is critical.

The Magic Planet comes in twelve sizes from 16″ to almost 10′ (41 cm to 3 m) – there’s a size for every space. They can sit on a tabletop, be fixed to the floor or wall, or they can be hung by a lift from the ceiling. They can be driven by a computer application, by an HD DVD player, by a media server and synchronized with your other multimedia, or by a live streaming video source.

So, whether you’re after a 16” interactive personal experience, an incomparable “wow” factor, or anything in between, there’s a Magic Planet solution that’s right for you.

Watch a Video of Magic Planet!

Click here to watch ABC News’ coverage of the Magic Planet in action.

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