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5 Ways Video Conferencing Improves Business

LifeSize,  which develops high-definition video conferencing, commissioned a white paper, Top 5 Ways Video Conferencing Will Transform Your Business. This is a quick, four-page read that makes the case for increased productivity and efficiency, and improved business opportunities with video communications.

The staff at AVI-SPL can assess you current business operations and guide you toward pro AV systems, including video conferencing, that provide the benefits you expect. After reading the LifeSize paper, contact us with any questions you may have at 866-559-8197 or


8 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

This brief, engaging ebook from LifeSize offer eight reasons why your business needs video conferencing.

You can also see how AVI-SPL has helped organizations of every stripe to improve operations and efficiency with video conferencing solutions. Our case stories are categorized by market and solution, so you can find the ones most appropriate to your business.

Webinar Recording: The Future of Video Communications, by Lifesize

AVI-SPL University Series logoThe recording of the webinar “A Look Into the Future of Video Communications,” is now available. Simon Dudley, video evangelist for Lifesize, looked at where video communications has been, its value to organizations and the latest LifeSize solutions that are making it easier to adopt.

Play the webinar: “A Look Into the Future of Video Communications.”

Register for November 15 Webinar on the Future of Video by LifeSize

Join us Thursday, November 15 at 1 p.m. EST for “A Look Into the Future of Video Communications,” presented by LifeSize’s Simon Dudley. Dudley will discuss how the video conferencing industry is evolving from a niche provider to a major piece of how businesses are transforming the way they do business in the second decade of the 21st century. Dudley’s talk will concentrate on the major shifts in the industry, why it matters, and how it produces a huge opportunity to move out of the video conferencing niche and into the mainstream.

On the Agenda

  • Future of video communications
  • Virtualization of applications
  • Changes in the IT department’s role

Register for “A Look Into the Future of Video Communications.”

About the PresenterSimon Dudley

Simon Dudley is a technology executive and dynamic presenter with over 20 years of experience in high-tech industries, with a key focus on visual communications. Throughout his career, Dudley has been a passionate advocate for technology that changes the way people communicate and solutions that deliver tangible business results. Dudley’s background includes developing programs to educate and inspire, identifying emerging industries and markets, as well as marketing, sales and management of top talent. Dudley is a passionate technologist who thrives on driving revolutionary change and has proven that challenging the norm helps an organization create competitive differentiators. As an agent of innovation himself, Dudley holds design patents of intellectual property for his participation in the invention and design of three video collaboration products.

In his role as Video Evangelist, Dudley is the spokesperson for LifeSize and evangelizes how video communications can help organizations accelerate productivity. Over his nine years at LifeSize, Dudley has held several roles in product management, sales, channel development and strategy. Prior to joining LifeSize, Dudley held a number of senior management positions in the communications industry.

AVI-SPL Expands Unify ME™ Video Managed Services with Blue Jeans Network

 AVI-SPL is excited to announce today that we’ve expanded our bridging as a service model to include self-serve interoperable video conferencing services from Blue Jeans Network. This partnership augments our Unify ME Managed Services strategy with an easy to use “meet me” option for customers looking to connect meeting rooms, desktops and mobile devices running a wide range of popular business and consumer video conferencing endpoints.

Blue Jeans Network is a video conferencing service hosted in the cloud that provides interoperability with a variety of video solutions. Modeled after traditional audio conferencing services, it is designed to be easy, open, and affordable. Blue Jeans is the leader in providing video services that can bring together business video conferencing solutions like Cisco®, Polycom®, LifeSize®, and Microsoft® Lync™, with consumer solutions like Skype™ and Google®, all in a single video call.

To learn more about this partnership and how to receive a free 14 day trial, access the full press release.