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Liberty AV Introduces New Presentation Switcher for Meeting Rooms

DIGI-P52 Presentation SwitcherLiberty AV has recently introduced a new product from its Intelix line that helps with video switching, scaling and audio processing for classrooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms. The DIGI-P52 Presentation Switcher includes the following benefits:

  • Scales video to HDMI and HDBaseT
  • Auto-switching feature automatically switches between HDMI and VGA sources
  • HDBaseT output extends audio, video and control signals up to 60 meters
  • 3 HDMI and 2 VGA inputs

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Liberty AV Enables HDMI Compatibility

While at InfoComm this week, I visited the Liberty AV Solutions booth and learned about a cool little product that came together because of a project being worked on by AVI-SPL’s Seattle office.

The client’s users were unable to easily connect their devices (such as a laptop) to an HDMI connection in their meeting rooms because of compatibility issues. A product was created in response by working with Liberty AV Solutions. That solution is its HDMI Adapter Ring.

The ring includes five  HDMI adapters, each of which enable a different type connection to feed into HDMI. Those adapters include:

  • DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini DisplayPort Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Mini HDMI (C) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • Micro HDMI (D) Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)
  • DVI-D Plug (Male) to HDMI Jack (Female)

Liberty AV’s adapter ring is compatible with standard size and micro HDMI cables, and can be upgraded to add, remove or replace adapters.

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