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The Sony Projectors That Assist Cancer Center Radiologists

Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., needed projectors that could deliver the vivid, high-contrast images required by its radiologists. Guidance from AVI-SPL led Moffitt to Sony laser projectors that give doctors the rich images they need, and have a life that requires little in terms of maintenance and support.

Read Sony’s case study on how its laser projectors with DICOM mode are helping the Moffitt Cancer Center.

A Hospital Improves Cardiology Care With Telemedicine

The cardiac surgeons at Evelina London Children’s Hospital in the U.K. are responsble for over 500 surgeries on year. So they can meet that challenge, the surgeons use telemedicine to examine high-quality scans during operations. In addition to the expert care, the benefits include:

  • Saves 1,300 hours in consultant and surgeon time each year
  • Reduces the time required for review of interoperative scans from 90 to 5 minutes
  • Enables cardiologists to see more patients

For more details about the hospital’s use of telemedicine solutions, you can read the Polycom’s summary. For any questions you may have about bringing these and similar solutions into your healthcare facility, contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 or You can also fill out our contact form.


AVI-SPL Introduces IP-based Video for the OR

ESSENCE – Integrated OR Solutions

AVI-SPL recently announced its latest innovation in surgical video platforms: ESSENCE (Enterprise Surgical Suite with Enhanced Network Control over Ethernet), is a suite of surgical video products that allows staff to control video, audio and data in the OR and lets practitioners remotely collaborate with surgeons.

The ESSENCE line includes three integrated operating rooms systems:

  •  ESSENCE-Digital: the DVI-D video platform
  •  ESSENCE-HD: scales all sources in the OR to a high definition 1080p format
  •  ESSENCE-IP: encodes images up to 4K into an Internet protocol format at the source and distributed at their native resolution without compression for artifact-free video

The ESSENCE video transport platform is an FDA-rated, Class 1 Medical Device that is not only agnostic to medical device manufacturers but also able to support legacy, current and future surgical technology because of its easily scalable design. It combines best practices with an open architecture allowing a variety of devices from different manufacturers, modalities and technologies to work together in one cohesive system.

As with all ESSENCE video platforms, the system is also designed to dramatically reduce the footprint normally associated with traditional AV equipment in the limited space of most ORs.

AVI-SPL’s Medical Team exhibited ESSENCE at the OR Manager Conference September 23-25 in National Harbor, Ma. To learn more about AVI-SPL’s healthcare solutions, visit AVI-SPL’s Healthcare page.

Medical Solutions for IT/Facilities

Last week, we looked at two of the solutions from AVI-SPL’s Medical Group: Mommy’s Hear™ and the Critical Area Monitoring solution (CAMS™). Today, I’d like to introduce you to E3Connex .


E3Connex is a display terminal that gives patients bedside access to education, medical records and entertainment options. Benefits:

  • Patients communicate with friends and family via telephone, IM, email and video calls
  • Access to patient medical records, education materials, and clinicians
  • Redirects patient requests to appropriate line of service
  • Multiple entertainment options, including social media, video on demand, and IPTV

Learn more about E3Connex.  For any questions, call us at 866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form.