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Webinar: Technology Strategies for Bridging the Workplace Generation Gap

Join us on Wed., Oct. 23 at 2 p.m. ET, for our webinar on the challenges and opportunities businesses face in their multigenerational workplaces. During this event, we’ll look at the differences in work styles among the generations, what people expect from their workplace experience, and what that means for your business success.

Saundra Merollo, senior engineer for Sharp, and Nick Belcore, executive VP of global sales and marketing for Peerless, will explore the importance of enabling collaboration among remote employees and empowering IT departments to manage a wide variety of networked devices. They’ll also explain the types of solutions that meet the new work paradigm and help recruit new talent, including:

  • Interactive kiosks and displays
  • Windows Collaboration Display
  • AI sensors in connected spaces
  • Automation and speak-to devices like Alexa

The webinar, which is co-sponsored by AVI-SPL, will be moderated by Jonathan Blackwood, editorial director for Commercial Integrator and editor-in-chief for MyTechDecisions.

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