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Annotate Without a Computer Using Epson’s BrightLink 485Wi Projector

Epson’s BrightLink 485Wi ultra short-throw projector features Interactivity 3.0 –  a technology solution that allows a user to create annotations without the need for a computer or a board. Using the pens, a teacher and student can draw on live images at the same time, and work with devices like a document camera, iPad, iPhone or no device at all. Watch the video below to see Epson’s demonstration of the BrightLink 485Wi.

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Epson BrightLink Brings Interactive Projection to Walls, Tables

When the Epson BrightLink launched in 2010, it brought interactive content to educators who previously didn’t have the space or budget for an interactive whiteboard. To expand on the BrightLink’s functionality, Epson has introduced an optional table mount, allowing educators to transform a tabletop or desk into an interactive surface. This practical feature enables students of varying size and ability to interact with the projector during the lesson, expanding accessibility of the interactive content. Using the BrightLink on a table also helps to maximize limited space in the classroom.

The Epson BrightLink line of interactive projectors quickly became a favorite among educators looking for an alternative to the traditional interactive whiteboard for their classrooms. Teachers with limited space appreciate the BrightLink’s ultra-short throw (which allows the projector to be mounted as close as 2.8 inches from the wall). And with shrinking budgets, the projector’s budget-friendly pricing appealed to administrators.

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