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Epson’s New LCD Projectors Offer Increased Brightness, Versatility for the Classroom

Epson recently announced the addition of four new LCD projectors in their PowerLite lineup: the PowerLite 92, 93, 95, and 96W. Touted advantages of these 3 chip-LCD projectors include a more robust built-in speaker, better brightness for your content and HDMI connectivity. This offering replaces several of Epson’s current 8x series models, including the current PowerLite 83V+, 83+, 84+, 85+ and 826W+ projectors. This latest line will be available for shipping in March.

So just what can educators expect with these newer, classroom-friendly projectors?

  • 1.2x optical zoom for increased clarity and quality over content
  • 16 watt speakers with the integrated HDMI standard for boosted performance
  • Pre-designed screen patterns, such as a “graph paper” pattern (with support for customized background images)
  • A built-in closed captioning decoder for educators working with hearing-impaired students
  • Wired LAN connectivity; virtual remote for projector management (93, 95 and 96W models)
  • IP network connectivity for distributing content (95 and 96W models)
  • An optional wireless module (95 and 96W models)

Want more info?

These are just a few of the exciting features that can be found with Epson’s newest offering. For more information, please contact an AVI-SPL sales rep at 866.599.8197, or simply request more info by clicking here.