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Meet Alexis La Broi from our Creative Show Services Team

Alexis La Broi rejoined our team nearly 10 years after she left the AV industry. With 18 years of industry experience under her tool belt, we were thrilled when she accepted a position as account manager with our Hotels & Event Production team in Columbia, MD.

Since coming back to AVI-SPL in 2012, Alexis has received accolades from leaders in both the AV and meeting planning industries, winning awards like the Women in AV Mentor award and the Meeting Professionals International Star of the Quarter award.

Check out this in-depth profile by rAVe [Publications] to learn more about her 18 year journey through the world of AV and event production >

Construction News Spotlights Francine Hawkins-Alegeh

Francine Hawkins-Alegeh

Francine Hawkins-Alegeh plays a big role in the Dallas/ Fort Worth construction industry. She’s been a part of our Dallas team for nearly five years and is responsible for creating Autocad drawings for our Dallas and Houston-based projects. Francine is also a regular participant in our AV Week celebration activities, including dressing up for “Geek it Up Wednesday” with fellow CAD Technician Kelly Shatzer.


When Francine isn’t at AVI-SPL, she is active in giving back to the community. Through her involvement with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), she mentors high school students interested in architecture and design. This year, she’s serving as the NAWIC Dallas chapter Vice President.  She also owns and operates two small businesses, Alegeh Autocad Design and F.D. Hawkins Painting and Remodeling.


Francine embodies the community-focused spirit of AVI-SPL and we’re proud to have her as part of our team.


Click the image below to read Francine’s interview in the January issue of Dallas/Fort Worth Construction News >



Congratulations to Jack Molema on 25 Years with AVI-SPL!

Tampa – Jack Molema was one of the first members of the Audio Visual Innovations rental team when he joined the company in 1987. Twenty five years later, our corporate rental division has grown to include more than 60 team members in five locations.

Jack Molema 25th Anniversary
Marty Schaffel and Jack Molema chat about old times at Jack’s Anniversary Celebration

The Tampa rental team celebrated this milestone at an event in Jack’s honor. AVI Founder and AVI-SPL Executive Chairman Marty Schaffel and CEO John Zettel, along with others who have worked closely with Jack over the years spoke of his strong work ethic and dedication to the company.

“We could never have built a successful rental company without Jack’s great care and attention to detail,” said Marty Schaffel. “I am very grateful for all Jack has done for this company over the years.

“Jack came to AVI when we had only 21 employees,” said Marty. “At that time, it was a big deal to rent a slide projector or a 16mm movie projector. Jack has always shown great care toward our inventory, worked hard to make sure customers were happy, and do whatever he could to make sure the rental department had a successful event,” Marty added.

“Our company and the rental division have experienced significant changes over the last 25 years, but one constant has been Jack and his commitment to his job,” said John Zettel. “Our rental division has grown and improved over the years and Jack played a significant role in making that happen,” John added.

Thank you for 25 great years, Jack!

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of Jack’s anniversary celebration >>

Meet Alicia McInerney, Digital Asset Manager

Midland, Mich. – AVI-SPL is proud to employ many of the best and brightest people in our industry. In this new series, we’ll go behind the scenes to show you what it’s like to be part of the AVI-SPL family.

Alicia McInerney joined the AVI-SPL team at The Dow Chemical Company as a web technician when she was only 19. Balancing a full-time work and school schedule as a junior at Central Michigan University would be a daunting task for most, but Alicia excelled in both the classroom and workplace.

After only eight months with AVI-SPL, we asked Alicia to take on a temporary role as service manager. “It was no easy task and I definitely had moments of severe trial – I was learning to really manage people for the first time out of a classroom, but instead of classmates they were coworkers who were older and held degrees,” said Alicia. “Although that posed quite a challenge, I was at a tremendous advantage still being a student at CMU. During that time period, I started looking at management classes I could take to learn how to be a better manager,” she added.

Alicia’s strong work ethic allowed her to transition to several different new roles over the next year. “With each new job, I looked for opportunities to support my hands-on learning with in-classroom learning,” she said. “By my second to last semester I was taking on a 21-credit hour schedule – this was made possible by the ability to learn at a faster pace. I could absorb the information I was getting from professors and apply it at the office the next day. I could also discuss topics in class with real-life experience. Thanks to that combination, I had grown into a much more confident and efficient manager and employee.”

In May 2011, management at The Dow Chemical Company, where AVI-SPL team members support their global operations via audio visual technology management, web content and design development, and video production, asked Alicia to transfer into the role of digital asset manager for Dow’s newly formed Olympic Operations division. Dow is one of 11 TOP sponsors of the Olympic Games, this puts them at the same level as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Visa, and other large brands. “My new role challenged me to manage one of the highest priority initiatives for Dow, as well as an additional responsibility of being the liaison between Dow and the International Olympic Committee for ensuring approval of all Dow-Olympic activations.”

Alicia with a group of Dow employees at Dow’s London office after she led a town hall session on digital & social media with the Olympic Partnership. (Click for larger image)

Here’s the rest of the story, in Alicia’s own words: “With one semester to go, this unique college lifestyle was about to get even more exciting. In August of 2011 I was asked to serve a 3-month assignment on-site at our European headquarters in Horgen, Switzerland. The role was to on-board a new agency partner and evaluate the current digital operations. Both AVI-SPL and CMU were quick to make the opportunity of this role and graduating a success. Once again with only 2 weeks to go before classes started, together with the help of the Communications department, I was able to make the necessary adjustments to my schedule. I took off for Switzerland on Sept. 1, 2011. I then proceeded to serve my role in Europe, and be an on-campus 18-credit hour student, virtually, back at CMU in Mt. Pleasant. Combining online courses and flexible professors I completed all course requirements through a variety of available technology. In instances I was using a webcam to give a presentation and in others I leveraged teleconferencing equipment to record interactions. While I was in Switzerland I also had the opportunity to lead meetings at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee as well as travel to the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games and attend a conference on social media with representatives from the 10 other TOP sponsors. The day before Thanksgiving I returned from Switzerland and two weeks later I walked on the floor of Rose arena in a cap and gown to receive my diploma. It was far from easy and nothing close to average, but it was definitely more than I ever imagined to have accomplished by the close of my undergraduate life. Thank you to CMU and AVI-SPL for making that a possibility.”

Alicia is also active in the community and earned the title of Miss Bay County in 2011. Her platform is titled “Ignite the Passion Within,” which she describes as “a movement to encourage children, teens and young adults to find their passion and use it to build a better life. ” She’ll be competing to earn the title of Miss Michigan (as part of the Miss America Organization) in June. Best of luck, Alicia! We are proud of you!