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Epson’s All-in-One Presenter Designed with Educators in Mind

Looking for an all-in-one solution that combines the high-quality and functionality of a DVD and projector into one system? Look no further than PowerLite PresenterEpson’s PowerLite Presenter! This innovative resource is fully equipped with a three-LCD imaging engine, 200 watt bulb and two built-in 10 W speakers and virtual surround sound. Take advantage, as the Presenter is available at a budget-friendly price through Epson’s Brighter Futures buying program.

Although bigger than the typical classroom projector, the Presenter also offers more options for versatility in educational applications. This includes larger-than-life images at a native WXGA resolution (16:10), perfectly suited for widescreen computers. At 2500 lumens of color and white light output and an auto color mode that instantly adjusts to any environment, the Presenter is bright enough to accommodate any setting!

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