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AVI-SPL Hospital Monitoring Solutions

Last month, I introduced you to AVI-SPL’s award-winning medical team. I also mentioned a few of the solutions we’ve produced to improve healthcare outcomes.

Today, we’re going to look at two of those solutions: Mommy’s Hear™ and Critical Area Monitoring solution (CAMS™).

Mommy’s Hear

Mommy’s Hear gives parents the ability to interact live with their babies via video while they are undergoing treatment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). With Mommy’s Hear, Parents and other family members can remotely view and monitor their child’s progress using any personal computer or smart phone. This NICU monitoring system allows mothers and fathers  to speak to their children as well. Studies show the introduction of sounds like the mother’s voice reduces cardio-respiratory events common to premature infants and can aid in the child’s development while promoting bonding when parents can’t be at the hospital.

Critical Area Monitoring System™

The Critical Area Monitoring Solution (CAMS™) ensures the safety of patients from a centralized location. This is a networked-based, standalone IP video monitoring system that empowers healthcare providers to monitor patients and see that they receive the care they need.

The base system CAMS features a remote camera control station that supports dozens of HD static cameras whose images can be viewed in any combination on a 23-inch touch-screen display. In full-screen mode, the camera’s built-in microphone becomes active, providing one-way audio to the charge desk’s computer speakers. Inside the OR, an LED light on the camera informs occupants the room is being monitored. For privacy, these features can also be disabled.

Click the links to learn more about Mommy’s Hear and CAMS.  For any questions, call us at 866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form.