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AVI-SPL Expands Its Control Room Group Into Europe

We recently announced the expansion of our Control Room Group into Europe with the establishment of a dedicated team in England. This will allow us to better serve customers in Europe with experts that specialize in creating rooms that take in a variety of information sources and present them in ways that allow for well-informed responses to natural disasters, traffic monitoring and any situation where visual data needs to be analyzed.

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Case Story: Traffic Management Centers

Traffic Management Center - MiamiThe SunGuide Traffic Management Center in Tampa oversees sections of I-275, I-75 and I-4.  AVI-SPL’s Control Room Group (CRG) designed and integrated a solution for the facility that enables staff to monitor and respond to traffic situations. Cameras send location video to the display wall at the center. That display consists of 67-inch Mitsubishi cubes, which are powered by Barco image processors. The processors enable operators to control the layout of the video presentation.

AVI-SPL has provided the same services for other FDOT locations, include the Sunguide Traffic Management Center in Miami. That facility includes a 10-foot-by-31-foot video wall that gives operators a simultaneous view of over 40 video sources. Read more about the FDOT-Miami project and how the systems we programmed and installed help control traffic.

Another Way to Buy Your New Control Center

"Control Room Group"Are you ready to refresh your existing control room, expand your existing control room space or build a new control center in a new facility? If so, you’ll soon see that making the decision to move forward on the project was the easy part of the process and now the really hard work begins.

What is the hardest of the hard work? Figuring out how you’re going to pay for the new control room.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the traditional ways of purchasing Control Room Group (CRG) goods and services, i.e. the traditional negotiated purchase and the lease – and the benefits of each. Now we’d like to talk with you about a NEW way to purchase your control center.

Let’s fast forward through the initial contact, the series of meetings between your staff (operators, engineers, IT staff, facility engineers and security staff) and ours (design engineers, production engineers, project managers and installation managers) and get to the part where you’re satisfied that the CRG will provide you with the control room of your dreams and you’re ready to buy.

So, what’s the NEW way to buy all or a portion of your control center? By taking advantage of available federal grant monies. Yes, there are federal grants available that can pay for all or a large portion of your control room project! I was surprised to learn over the last few weeks of 2011 about the number of government grant programs that are available to our clients, and this grant money can be used to help pay for your control room project.

In an attempt to facilitate the grant proposal process and ease the potential pain of learning this process, the CRG has a staff member who is expert in the world of grants and we are offering their services to you FREE of charge. Our team is here to help you research available grants, determine whether or not your project qualifies and then, and most importantly, help you write the grant proposal. If you want to get started on searching for available grant money, please call me or drop me an email.

As you move forward on your project(s) this year, don’t forget that there are a variety of ways to pay for your new control center – outright purchase, lease and purchase, lease only, and last, but certainly not least, utilizing available federal grant monies. Please take advantage of our new grant assistance services. I think you’ll be plesantly surprised by the number of funding sources available to the market.

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Back to the Future

By David Jones, Director of Business Development, Control Room Group

As we head into 2012, it occurred to me that the marketplace looks eerily familiar to one that some of us experienced 20 years ago.
"Control Room Group"
Twenty years ago, the AV systems integration business was shaken by the fear that commoditization of the products that we used to create fully integrated system solutions would spoil margins and drive the true system integration company out of business. There was some fallout, but for the most part the system integration industry survived by educating clients about and differentiating the integration business from the “box house” businesses that were becoming a growing part of the market’s landscape. A similar situation exists today where “video wall systems” are being sold online after being advertised as a solution that anyone can design and install after selecting one product from column A, one product from column B and one product from column C.

Consequently, I believe our task is the same as it was 25 years ago: To educate the client and explain the value of having a systems integration company like the Control Room Group (CRG) design a system which specifically addresses their requirements (wants and needs) versus thinking they are saving a little money by purchasing a plug-and-play system online and settling for a “good enough” system.

With perhaps the exception of Pajama Jeans, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for anything of value, and having been focused on the control room market for over 10 years now, CRG knows that as fact. CRG creates and supports 24/7 mission critical control rooms which are custom designed to meet the unique requirements of the client using common off-the-shelf components. The difference in cost between the one-size-fits-all “good enough” system and the fully-supported and specifically designed CRG control room system built to fit your exact needs – RARELY MORE THAN 10%.

Call me or send me an email and I’ll give you more specifics as to how we’ll go about creating an affordable, fully-functional and scalable control room system designed to meet and exceed your unique requirements.

I have another déjà vu experience to talk about but we’ll save that for the next blog. In the meantime, let me know how we can help. Give me a call at 1-888-619-9083 or send me an email –