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New Survey Backs Link Between Technology, Student Performance

How have today’s technologies made an impact in your classroom? A study, recently published by the non-profit IT association, CompTIA, is showing outstanding results. From kindergarten to college, classrooms equipped with cutting-edge presentation technologies are making all the difference in productivity.

Based on the report: “A net 78 percent of the 500 educators surveyed believe the proliferation of technology has had a net positive impact on overall education results, processes and performances. Among the positive impacts, 65 percent of educators said students are more productive today than they were three years ago due to the use of technology.”

In addressing the effects on the IT channel, CompTIA’s blog writer, Carolyn, notes:

“To be successful … it’s critical that solution providers know how to map specific technologies to educator priorities, including understanding how emerging technologies such as cloud can be best leveraged.

Consider the following: “Twenty-eight percent of higher education institutions are using some cloud services today, with 35 percent actively evaluating them. That percentage – including among K-12 populations – is sure to go up over the next three years.”

This is great info to consider not only for today’s IT and AV professionals, but for our educators as well. Given these statistics, are you among one of the K-12 schools looking to upgrade to cloud services? Let us know your thoughts on this topic!

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