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Bring Video Conferencing to Your Classroom with Vaddio Squiggle

Looking to bring the next level of innovation to your classroom? With its combination of interactive whiteboard technology with video conferencing, the Vaddio Squiggle allows you to do just that!

“We’re pleased to have the Vaddio Squiggle as part of AVI-SPL’s product line,” says Joel Hosner, product manager, AVI-SPL. “It’s especially important that technology within K-12 classrooms enhances the teacher’s ability to engage their students. Introducing video conferencing systems alongside interactive whiteboards gives students access educational resources from around the globe using fun and collaborative tools.”

Capable of being installed alongside almost any existing whiteboard, the Squiggle converts whiteboard notes into an HD or SD video signal. Because no dedicated PC is required, the video signal can then be connected to any video conferencing, telepresence, distance education or video media distribution system. In addition to HD/SD outputs, data can be captured and stored as a JPEG image into any USB flash drive.

Key Features

The Squiggle Video Whiteboard Kit includes the EZTub with Digital Control Panel, Video Whiteboard Quick-Connect Interface, one black marker, one marker sleeve and one electronic eraser. The Portable EZTub with Digital Control Panel can be installed alongside almost any existing whiteboard.

  • Stand-alone video device – no computer required
  • Outputs four colors (black, blue, red and green) against a white background
  • HD video resolutions of 720p/59.94, 720p/50 and SD resolutions of 480i/29.97 and 576i/25
  • Features three line thicknesses and an erase all function
  • One-Touch Image Save allows USB drive to be attached to Digital Control Panel Interface to capture drawings as JPEG images
  • Completely compatible with all Vaddio Automated Content Presentation Systems

The portable EZTub, with Digital Control Panel, screws into the wall on the left side of the whiteboard. Based on the same concept as the Vaddio Video Whiteboard system, the Squiggle uses the same technology to run power and USB data over a single Cat. 5 cable up to 100 feet (30.5m) from the whiteboard to the Video Whiteboard Quick-Connect Interface. The Quick-Connect is located at the head-end for plugging into your video device. The product is expected to be ready for shipping in late Spring.

Ready to Learn More About the Squiggle?

To find out more information about the Vaddio Squiggle, contact an AVI-SPL representative at 866-559-8197 or click here to request a quote!

Interactive Whiteboards, Slates and Response Systems All Captured with AverPen

Ever imagine it would be possible to combine interactive whiteboard, wireless slate and response system features into one complete, yet affordable solution? Imagination is now reality with AVerPen, a true 21st Century Classroom solution. This exciting tool combines the intuitive features of existing interactive whiteboard technologies into a mobile, collaborative learning solution. You’ll stimulate teacher, student and group engagement, and gain immediate feedback. All from virtually any surface in the room!

Collaborative Learning Made Easy

AVerPen was developed to further interactivity between teacher and student or student groups while providing innovative new tools combined in an easy-to-use and highly mobile product.

Each student or group will learn, collaborate and problem-solve together, while the built-in Group Response System provides immediate assessment. Imagine the ability to equip two or more classrooms with a full 21st Century interactive solution for the average cost of purchasing and installing a single interactive whiteboard!

Teacher pens are able to control all features as well as activate, limit or expand student pen functions, and since the pens function on virtually any surface, mobility is greatly increased by eliminating the need to use a static board or carry a bulky state.

All AVerPen and AVerVision Document Camera features are wrapped with one easy to use software tool, eliminating the need for training and support of multiple solutions from multiple vendors.

Get This Technology for Your Classroom!

Say goodbye to board calibration, bulky slates, static teaching and constant whole-class instruction! Teach anywhere, and learn everywhere with AVerPen! Contact an AVI-SPL representative at 866-559-8197, or click here to request a quote.

SMART Table Helps Increase Collaborative Learning

“It’s really cool,” says one shy youngster, a pre-schooler at the exclusive Baldwin Academy in Pacific Beach. “It’s a lot of fun,” adds another, breaking into a smile. When Baldwin became selected as the only pilot school for the SMART Table in Southern California, these precocious learners immediately demonstrated the rewards. AVI-SPL’s Education Market Manager, Maggie McGill, was instrumental in helping to make a difference.

“The best benefit of the SMART Table is its ability to promote collaborative learning, with room for up to eight students to interact,” says McGill. With a format similar to that of an iPhone, the SMART Table is the first multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of primary school students to work simultaneously on its surface. From math to social studies to art, the SMART Table allows the youngest of learners to take a fun, hands-on approach to their activities. Best of all, it helps teachers create new and unique collaborative learning activities with minimal preparation time.

“For me to be able to work with their pre-K teacher and get her true feedback has been phenomenal,” adds McGill. “Both she and the kids absolutely love it.”

The SMART Table has currently been on loan to Baldwin since August; they hope to purchase the technology in the near future.

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