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New Epson BrightLink Interactive Meeting Room Projector

With Epson’s BrightLink Pro 1410 Wi projector, meeting participants can use any flat surface for sharing content and interacting with remote participants over video conferencing. This ultra short-throw projector streamlines collaboration and increases meeting productivity.

  • Annotation capability:  users can write over projected images, and save and share the new content
  • Connect up to four units on the same network for remote collaboration
  • No need for a PC

Watch the video below for a comprehensive overview of the new BrightLink’s capabilities.

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Epson Reveals New Projectors for the Classroom

Epson unveiled a number of new projectors for the classroom this  past week at FETC 2013 in Orlando.

PowerLite 935WIts PowerLite 935W is distinguished by 3,700 lumens of color brightness and white brightness, enabling it to work well in classrooms with ambient light. Read Epson’s press release on the PowerLite  935W.

The BrightLink 436Wi is a portable, short-throw interactive projector that allows students and teachers to annotate projected images.

Epson’s PowerLite Pro G-series delivers up to 7,000 lumens of brightness, making suitable for higher education applications.

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InFocus Projector Earns High Marks

Projector expert InFocus has been highlighted in the Spring 2011 issue of Scholastic Administrator. In particular, its InFocus IN3916 interactive projector was singled out by a South Carolina educator for allowing students to help guide the learning process.

In this particular context, the reviewer explains, the IN3916 is used with Google Earth for virtual field trips, while students are able to work with the projector’s wand over a board. The educator reviewing the IN3916 praised it for being easy to use right out of the box, without the need for professional development.

The IN3916 is part of the InFocus 3900 short-throw series. Its LiteBoardTM interactive technology lets teachers and other professionals interact with the projected image – turning any surface into an  interactive workspace. The IN3916 also enables students and teachers to narrate over a visual or audio presentation. Other notable features:

  • Wand lets you control PC and Mac applications
  • Powerful audio
  • Connect up to 32 computers (giving multiple students the ability to control the presentation)

Find out more about the IN3916, including how to order, here.

Epson’s New LCD Projectors Offer Increased Brightness, Versatility for the Classroom

Epson recently announced the addition of four new LCD projectors in their PowerLite lineup: the PowerLite 92, 93, 95, and 96W. Touted advantages of these 3 chip-LCD projectors include a more robust built-in speaker, better brightness for your content and HDMI connectivity. This offering replaces several of Epson’s current 8x series models, including the current PowerLite 83V+, 83+, 84+, 85+ and 826W+ projectors. This latest line will be available for shipping in March.

So just what can educators expect with these newer, classroom-friendly projectors?

  • 1.2x optical zoom for increased clarity and quality over content
  • 16 watt speakers with the integrated HDMI standard for boosted performance
  • Pre-designed screen patterns, such as a “graph paper” pattern (with support for customized background images)
  • A built-in closed captioning decoder for educators working with hearing-impaired students
  • Wired LAN connectivity; virtual remote for projector management (93, 95 and 96W models)
  • IP network connectivity for distributing content (95 and 96W models)
  • An optional wireless module (95 and 96W models)

Want more info?

These are just a few of the exciting features that can be found with Epson’s newest offering. For more information, please contact an AVI-SPL sales rep at 866.599.8197, or simply request more info by clicking here.