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Special Report: Better Classroom Management

This Special Report from the Center for Digital Education covers the most important considerations and investments K-12 and higher education leaders should make to teach with technology, improve classroom management of technology and positively impact student achievement. The paper also includes:

  • Survey responses from education leaders on how to approach IT systems in education
  • Hard and soft infrastructure, and technology components of 21st-century classroom management
  • An initiative to break down communication silos between departments, staff and students
  • Guidance for bringing new technology into the classroom

You’ll also find examples of AVI-SPL projects for K-12 and higher education that have improved the way lessons are taught and learned. Download the CDE Report on Classroom Management.


Classroom Management Online and in Real Time

Have you heard of  It may be one of the best kept secrets out there – but no longer!  As the school year begins and we start wondering what our classes are going to be like, we now have an ally in the battle for classroom management! We all know that behavior management is crucial to success. Without it, your class never seems to get off of the ground, and the environment can easily go from bad to worse.  

ClassDojo helps you to give positive reinforcement to students, as well as warnings to improve behaviors. These are all viewed by the class using your projector, and are especially effective when used with a SMART Board. Students hear a pleasant sound for positive behavior, and a negative sound for warnings. All data is tracked and reports can be downloaded or set to email directly to parents. How about that! You can also control ClassDojo from anywhere in the room using the app for your smart phone!  ClassDojo is a free online program to make your life as a teacher a little more manageable. Create the expectation for good behavior the first day of school using ClassDojo!