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Help Students Focus on Lessons with Ken-a-Vision Viewers

Ken-a-Vision’s new 7880 Auto Focus Vision Viewer™ and the 7890UM Digital Vision Viewer™ deliver superior image quality in real time. Display documents, nearby objects or even objects at a distance. Vision Viewers by Ken-A-Vision… making it easy to focus on teaching.

Vision Viewers offer one cord convenience, with no confusing cables to sort out that can bring your lesson plan or presentation to a stand-still. Simply plug the document camera into the USB port, launch the Applied Vision™ 4 Software and go!

The 7890UM has a high resolution camera with a fast USB 2.0 connection to your computer or laptop. This camera can focus on documents, moving objects, demonstrations, or even the presenter. Plus, it works great with interactive whiteboards.

The Vision Viewer is ergonomically designed with a swivel head that houses a 6mm glass lens so you can capture superior quality images showing details that you might otherwise miss. Included is Applied Vision Software so you can capture images, record movies, set up time-lapse, flip, mirror, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and much more.

Want to Know More About These Viewers?

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