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AVI-SPL Introduces Video Conferencing Solutions at ISE 2014: Video

In this five-minute video taken at ISE 2014, Executive VP of Unified Communications and Collaboration Mike Brandofino talks about AVI-SPL’s Block ME™ device (a privacy tool that stops video calls from being received/launched) and Virtual Meeting Room (a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows customers to pay only for the ports that are used.)

Hear more about Block ME and why it’s so valuable for businesses with video conferencing. Listen to the rAVe podcast.

AVI-SPL is in Amsterdam for ISE 2014

AVI-SPL will showcase its Virtual Meeting Room and managed services Feb. 4-6 at ISE 2014, the annual professional AV tradeshow for Europe. Last year’s event had a record 44,000+ attendees.

AVI-SPL will have two booths at this year’s event. At booth 8-K290, visitors can learn about:

Visitors to booth 12-F74 will get firsthand demonstrations in:

  • Block ME™ device, an Internet Telephony Product of the Year winner
  • Virtual Meeting Room connection with a room system

Fun facts about Amsterdam

  •  It’s the capital of the most densely populated country in the world, the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • The city has over 1,200 bridges and 150 canals — hence its nickname “the Venice of the North”
  • It’s citizens are tall. Like, “How’s the weather up there” tall. Men average 6 feet, while women are 5ft, 7.
  • They like their pedal power. Amsterdam has more bikes than people (nearly 1 million compared to a population of 800,000).
  • It also has more museums per square meter than any other country (The Van Gogh Museum is the most popular).
  • The city has a floating cat shelter, called De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat)
  • Coffee shops that don’t also sell alcohol can sell up to 5 grams of soft drugs (cannabis) per person.
  • Amstel beer is named after the river Amstel
  • The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in the world
  • Rembrandt van Rijn, considered to be the foremost of Dutch painters, lived in Amsterdam, and his home was converted into the Rembrandt House Museum

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AVI-SPL Video Conferencing Security Device Honored

Block ME deviceAVI-SPL’s Block ME™ device, which stops unwanted video calls from launching, has received an Internet Telephony Product of the Year award for 2014 from TMC. TMC is a marketing media company that serves the communications and technology industries.

Block ME was first introduced at InfoComm 2013 last June. At the press of a button, video calls are blocked from being initiated or received.

Learn more about Block ME at the AVI-SPL website.

New Business Process Automation Features Added to VNOC Symphony®

AVI-SPL has enhanced its video managed services with an automated process that remotely shuts down video conferencing systems and prevents uninvited guests from seeing or hearing what is happening in a meeting room (see press release). This unique capability is available to AVI-SPL Video Managed Services customers as a part of their meeting scheduling and automation platform, and is another step in AVI-SPL’s efforts to improve video collaboration for businesses of all types.

What is the VNOC Symphony® Business Process Automation Module and what does it do?

The Business Process Automation Module is a set of rules and policies used by our VNOC (Video Network Operation Center) to govern how our clients’  meetings are organized, monitored, managed, and escalated. The policies are decided by both the customer and AVI-SPL staff to ensure processes are appropriate. As a new enhancement, privacy steps are built into the process that automatically mute an endpoint’s microphone and disables the endpoint’s camera after a meeting. Even though the endpoint is still powered on and can be monitored and managed by our VNOC resources, if an uninvited guest is able to connect to the system, the connection is worthless as nothing can be heard or seen.

Why might my business need VNOC Symphony privacy enhancements?

Not all users know how to disconnect from their video conference, or are sure if their system did hang up. With VNOC Symphony privacy, your staff can be assured that a system is disconnected without the user needing to do anything. In an earlier blog post, I describe AVI-SPL’s introduction of a hands-on privacy device called Block ME™.

If you plan on being at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, stop by AVI-SPL booth #2381 June 12 -14 to see a live demonstration of the VNOC Symphony Business Process Automation Module. Learn more about how AVI-SPL can protect your video conferences/provide low-cost, high-quality and easily scaled virtual meeting rooms. Contact

AVI-SPL Device Keeps Video Conference Rooms Private

AVI-SPL continues to innovate within the collaborative environment with a video conferencing device that helps organizations protect the privacy of their meeting environments. This device, which we call Block ME™, and has been unveiled at this week’s InfoComm, is perhaps the simplest way you’ll find to protect conversations and content shared in your video conferencing meetings. (Read the press release on AVI-SPL’s new video conferencing privacy features.)

What Does Block Me Do?

Block ME enables the users in a meeting room to press a button and block any video calls from being launched or received in the room they are in. Press a button, and users stop video calls from being initiated or received. It’s just that simple. When you enable the device, you block related ports to and from your network, thus stopping unwanted calls from connecting.

How Does Block Me Work?

Block ME connects directly to your endpoint, and features two options: “on” and “off.” In the “on” position, Block ME stops the video conferencing endpoint from sending and receiving calls. In the “off” position, the lines are open.

Block ME Benefits

  • Easily installed in any video conference room
  • No special programming or control panel required
  • No updates required to Block ME as video conferencing change or systems are updated
  • Cannot be accessed remotely

Because your video endpoint is still powered on even when Block ME is enabled, it can still be monitored and managed by AVI-SPL’s remote VNOC and Help Desk.

AVI-SPL has designed Block ME to blend seamlessly into your environment. At a glance, you’ll know that if the device is engaged and whether calls are enabled or disabled.

If you plan on being at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, stop by AVI-SPL booth #2381 June 12 -14 to see a live demonstration of Block ME.