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Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Organization?

The term “cloud computing” is nearly everywhere lately, one of the latest
buzz words to converge on technology for the public and private sectors.
Gartner Group predicts that by 2013, spending on cloud computing
applications will grow to over $150 billion. From corporate campuses to
government institutions, taking it “to the cloud” seems to represent the
next level of innovation for reliability, scalability and cost-effectiveness
across a diverse range of markets.

If you’re looking to increase your ROI, it’s essential that you understand
the basics of cloud computing. Before moving forward, you’ll need to know what exactly lies in “the cloud” environment, and how it can impact your communication initiatives.

Cloud computing benefits:

• Can help organizations cut down on costs, including travel, hardware
and maintenance
• With resources readily available, increases responsiveness to project
• Enables dispersed teams to work together quickly and more efficiently
• Increases the impact of messaging and brand awareness

An Affordable Alternative for Digital Signage?
In addition to impacting the IT world, cloud computing continues to
leave a lasting influence in the audiovisual environment. Today, many
AV integrators are looking to incorporate digital media services across a
cloud computing platform. This includes AVI-SPL, who launched their
subscription-based Digital Media as a Service (DMaaS) in June 2010.

Cloud-based applications have been highlighted as a particularly viable
option for organizations during the recent economic downturn. Deploying
Digital Signage through a cloud-based network frees the organization from
having to invest significant capital for the centralized hardware. In turn,
companies can easily leverage the very latest in digital media technology
without committing to a major up-front investment.

Download Our White Paper

Download our white paper, “A Clear Forecast: Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Organization?” to learn more about the research, risks and benefits behind this latest trend in AV/IT convergence.

Upcoming Technology Expo 2011 Events – Mark Your Calendars Washington D.C. and Long Beach!

At AVI-SPL’s Technology Expo 2011, you’ll find a dynamic convergence of comprehensive audio/video solutions, an eye-opening range of cutting-edge technologies, and accessibility to over 25 top notch manufacturers behind today’s most compelling communication advancements.

Exclusive presentations include:

  • Harnessing the Hidden Value in Unified Communications (UC), presented by Michael Brandofino, Executive Vice President of Video and UC, AVI-SPL
  • Fundamentals of Audio Video Bridging, presented by Biamp Systems (1 InfoComm CTS LU)
  • Key Building Blocks of Successful Unified Communications, presented by Polycom
  • The Next UC: Unified Control, presented by AMX
  • Digital Video Demystified – An Intro To Digital TV and HDTV Distribution, presented by Cables To Go (1 AIA CES LU; 1 InfoComm CTS LU; 1 BICSI CEC; 1 NSCA LU)

Our in-depth program will present real world examples of AV/IT convergence, and will help you determine new ways in which you can extend unified communications to encompass unified control. You’ll learn how to gain the most ROI on cutting-edge AV solutions – technologies that can dramatically enhance productivity while increasing the strength, depth and versatility of your communications.

Explore Pro AV breakthroughs in digital signage, HD video conferencing and telepresence and audio networking. Attend FREE informational seminars, including AIA and InfoComm CTS certification!

Plus by simply attending, you’re eligible to win an iPad 2!

Event City and Dates

Greenbelt, MD – AVI-SPL’s Technology Expo – Washington DC, Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM Registration information »

Long Beach, CA – AVI-SPL’s Technology Expo – Los Angeles, Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM Registration information »


From Video Conferencing to Digital Signage, How Can AV/IT Convergence Affect You?

Among technology buzz words, AVI/IT convergence gets high rankings. From exploring PC-based platforms for distributing messaging across corporate campuses to processing digital audio signals for stadiums and theaters, the worlds of audiovisual technology and information technology have merged into a field of common ground.

AV/IT convergence is an essential ingredient to making meeting room technologies work smoother, faster and more efficiently. It’s a vital means of improving communication and collaboration across all industries – from the IT team working to implement a plan for distance classroom cameras to the house of worship technicians helping to enhance the quality of a Sunday morning sermon broadcast over a network of churches.

With a move towards comprehensive communications technologies, no longer is it just an “AV” or “IT” responsibility to get an advanced presentation system up and running, and stay up and running. In order to get the desired end result, AV and IT specialists now need to work together to collaborate and unify the intricacies of infrastructure and maintenance.

As organizations move to streamline costs and increase their competitive edge, advanced video communications such as IP-based video conferencing, telepresence and digital signage have become necssary solutions. AV/IT convergence means the merging of system control for these solutions, eliminating the isolation of separate buildings and separate networks. This is especially important for companies working on a multi-location strategy for increased ROI and growth. It means a coming together of AV and IT professionals to reach the best outcome for an organization’s communication needs.

Tell us, what’s your take on AV/IT convergence? How is it impacting your organization?