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Four Steps to Upgrading Government Communications

You shouldn’t settle for aging communication technologies that are costly and hinder effective operations. This AVI-SPL white paper offers clear guidance for those government agencies that need to update their communications and IT infrastructure. Read about the four steps you can take to ensure you get the solutions and systems that are right for today and the long term.

Download “Modernizing Communications and IT Systems: 4 Considerations for Government Agencies.”

Four Enterprise Solutions for Government Agencies

Government agencies face many of the same challenges as those faced by for-profit companies. That’s why AVI-SPL has developed a white paper, which you can download at the link below, that addresses four of those challenges:

  • Adapting to shifting work habits
  • Personal workspace is costly and underutilized
  • Technology fragmentation
  • Need to run buildings efficiently

At the end of each section, you’ll find the solutions your agency can use to overcome these obstacles and work with efficiency while increasing productivity.

Download “Four Enterprise Solutions That Can Help Government Agencies Drive Down Costs and Increase Productivity.”

AMX White Paper on HDCP Authentication

AMX and AVI-SPL present the free tech paper, “Overcoming the Blank Display With Instant Decryption,” which describes the challenges presented by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to sending video signals to multiple displays.

Topics include:

  • How HDCP works
  • The role of key selection vectors
  • Addressing key overruns with InstaGate Pro

To learn more about the advantages of AMX InstaGate Pro, access the free tech paper, “Overcoming the Blank Display With Instant Decryption.” On Wednesday, June 27, AMX presents the webinar “Superior HD Digital Media Switching Made Easy as Analog.” During this free event, Paul Hand will explore HDCP authentication delays and how AMX’s SmartScale®, InstaGate Pro™ and DXLink™ Transmitters and Receivers address the biggest issues experienced with the distribution of HDMI/HDCP signals.

It’s our hope that the tech paper will serve as a handy and informative reference sheet and that you’ll join us for the webinar. If you have any questions about this topic, are considering digital media for your enterprise or want to upgrade your current system, contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 or