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FrontRow Lasso: Ties More of Your Classroom Audio Together

When it comes to AV technology for the classroom, teachers primarily focus on issues such as versatility, ease of use and effectiveness across all curriculums. FrontRow Lasso certainly seems to hit all the right areas, delivering a seamless blend of sound and cutting-edge capabilities.


What’s Included with FrontRow Lasso?


One-touch operation
• Two-channel infrared reception
• Four stereo aux inputs (including front MP3 input)
• One mono aux output
• Rack-mountable
• Optional page-override module
Energy Smart
• Energy-saving standby mode
Lead-free construction


• Lightweight and comfortable
• Excellent sound quality
• Easy-to-reach mute button
• Two built-in directional mics
• Two-channel infrared transmitter
• SmartChargeTM failsafe charging
Lead-free construction


• Install only two IR Speakers and two combo cables per classroom
• Full range sound and complete classroom audio coverage
• Extremely robust IR coverage

This innovative product serves as the workhorse analog option for schools with above-average connectivity needs. With four audio input options — plus two more through the superb FrontRow mics –Lasso reproduces all your media in beautiful, full stereo. What’s more, an easy field-installable page override module gives you the option to mute the Lasso system whenever the central office makes an important announcement. Lasso is perfect for media centers, computer labs, and other demanding instructional spaces.

Curious to Know More?

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