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ClearOne Looks at Effective Audio for Video Conferencing

An informative post at the ClearOne blog looks at the elements that go into successful audio during conferences. If you’re looking to get some background info before reaching out to AVI-SPL, this post is a good primer.

You’ll learn:

  • What today’s audio conferencing systems offer
  • Differences between simplex and duplex audio
  • Factors that limit audio quality
  • The technologies that allow for two-way conferencing without feedback

Read “Effective Audio for Video Conferencing.” 

Webinar Recording: VoiP Conferencing, by Biamp

AVI-SPL has made available the recording of “The Best Quality Solutions in Mid- to Large-Room VoIP Conferencing,” a webinar presented by Biamp Systems’ Frank West. Frank, Biamp’s south central regional manager, discussed improvements in audio conferencing, the advantages of a networked audio system, audio video bridging, and Biamp’s Audia and Tesira solutions.

On the Agenda

  • How VoIP improves productivity
  • Developing a better VoIP conference experience
  • Why companies rely on VoIP room solutions

Play the webinar “The Best Quality Solutions in Mid- to Large-Room VoIP Conferencing.