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EVP Don Mastro Celebrates 10 Years with AVI-SPL

Don Mastro Anniversary
CEO John Zettel (left) presents anniversary plaque to Don Mastro

Congratulations to Don Mastro, our executive vice president of sales, on his 10th anniversary with AVI-SPL. Don joined the team in 2003 as vice president of sales after more than 30 years of leadership in the AV industry.

At his anniversary celebration, our CEO John Zettel and Executive Chairman Marty Schaffel spoke highly of Don’s accomplishments during his tenure with AVI-SPL.

“There’s nobody in our industry who is known by as many people as Don, whether they are our manufacturing partners or competitors,” said Zettel. “There has been no one during my tenure with AVI-SPL who has energized the sales team like Don. He comes to work everyday with fire in his heart, and he makes his team feel good about coming to work; he makes people feel good about selling. I truly appreciate that every single day.”

“The last couple of sales meetings, when the sales team gave Don a standing ovation, they sent us all a message,” said Schaffel. “We all see and appreciate and feel that message. That’s a very strong expression of their love and respect for Don, which we all share as a management team, and as fellow employees.”

We asked Don a few questions on his anniversary:

Q: How has AVI-SPL changed over the last 10 years?
A: AVI-SPL has transformed from a ProAV systems contractor to a complete provider of video communication solutions.

Q: What’s the secret to the success of the AVI-SPL sales team?
A: We have the very best sales team in the industry – world class sellers and sales leaders.

Q: What are three tips for being a successful salesperson?
A: 1. New business development everyday. 2. A heightened sense of urgency with every customer. 3. Listen to the customer and have insight into their needs.

Q: What motivates you every day?
A: I sincerely like to win as I am a competitor first and foremost.

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Congratulations to Jack Molema on 25 Years with AVI-SPL!

Tampa – Jack Molema was one of the first members of the Audio Visual Innovations rental team when he joined the company in 1987. Twenty five years later, our corporate rental division has grown to include more than 60 team members in five locations.

Jack Molema 25th Anniversary
Marty Schaffel and Jack Molema chat about old times at Jack’s Anniversary Celebration

The Tampa rental team celebrated this milestone at an event in Jack’s honor. AVI Founder and AVI-SPL Executive Chairman Marty Schaffel and CEO John Zettel, along with others who have worked closely with Jack over the years spoke of his strong work ethic and dedication to the company.

“We could never have built a successful rental company without Jack’s great care and attention to detail,” said Marty Schaffel. “I am very grateful for all Jack has done for this company over the years.

“Jack came to AVI when we had only 21 employees,” said Marty. “At that time, it was a big deal to rent a slide projector or a 16mm movie projector. Jack has always shown great care toward our inventory, worked hard to make sure customers were happy, and do whatever he could to make sure the rental department had a successful event,” Marty added.

“Our company and the rental division have experienced significant changes over the last 25 years, but one constant has been Jack and his commitment to his job,” said John Zettel. “Our rental division has grown and improved over the years and Jack played a significant role in making that happen,” John added.

Thank you for 25 great years, Jack!

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Bradley Harp Celebrates 20 Years with AVI-SPL

Tampa, FL – Team members at AVI-SPL are more like family members than employees. That’s one of the reasons why we have such a large group of long-term team members.

Bradley Harp AVI-SPL

This post is the first in a series of profiles celebrating major milestones with our team members.

In September, Account Manager Bradley Harp celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company. Here’s what he had to say about his time with AVI-SPL (and legacy AVI):

Who are a few of the people who have made the biggest impact on your career with AVI-SPL?

  • (Now-retired President) Stephenie Scanlon:  When I started  back in 1991, I was responsible for selling Varitronics PosterPrinters and lettering machines.  Customers were rarely calling us up asking for this equipment, so we had to research companies that might have a need for presentation and training materials creation equipment, find out who the potential end-users might be, send them mailers, follow up with phone calls, try to set an appointment, demo the equipment, and make the sale.  Stephenie, along with June Davies with Varitronics, taught a system that put all of these tasks together.  It took a lot of time and organization, but Stephenie was a great teacher and manager, and she helped me learn how to sell solutions and help customers.  She was always very supportive and did as much as she could to help me be successful.  I am so appreciative of her for always working hard and going out of her way for me.
  • (AVI-founder and AVI-SPL Chairman) Marty Schaffel:  He gave this very green salesman a chance.  I think back to the day that I sat in his office on the north end of the building during my very long interview process, and wonder what he saw in me.  I do know that he saw a lot more hair…

Can you give us an overview of your career with us?

I first started demoing and selling the Varitronics line of products.  Eventually, portable electronic displays came along, so that added LCD panels and portable overhead projects to the mix alongside the PosterPrinter and two or three lettering machines.  Then portable LCD projectors came along, and I thought I was thankful that a 35-pound projector took the place of a small LCD panel and portable overhead projector.  Then in about 2001, I moved into the Integration Department.

We’re very fortunate for your commitment to the company.  What have you especially liked about working with us?

I always liked the flexibility of my position, and the company’s small business feel.  It’s nice to see that some of the people I’ve worked with for so long are still around.

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