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Why You Should Listen to this Talk on Workplace Transformation

Combine changing demographics, what-I-want, when-I-want-it technology trends, and new ways of thinking about work, and you have the forces that are shaping what is being talked about as “workplace transformation.”

The term carries a considerable weight — its two words implicitly promising something better than the cubicle farms that are a shorthand for the worst of office culture.

The good news is that with a little determination, unity of focus, and technology, we don’t have to settle for that kind of culture. And even a passing familiarity with business trends will confirm that plenty of businesses have evolved.

For our recent webinar on workplace transformation, representatives from Cisco and AMX by Harman offered their thoughts on why work is changing and talked about the technologies their companies specialize in and what they do to create environments where we can collaborate with those in and outside of the office.

In less than an hour, you’ll learn about the video collaboration and networked AV technology that is making it possible to create workplaces that are responsive to your needs, and to the needs of your colleagues. Some of the topics our speakers address include:

  • Importance of video collaboration
  • What is meant by a connected workplace
  • Technology that engages visitors
  • Advantages of networked AV
  • Solutions by Cisco and AMX that make improvements possible

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AVI-SPL and AMX Webinar: Technology in the BYOD Campus

Image of digital tabletsTen tablets walk into your classroom: One says, “I need a wireless connection to your projectors,” another asks for Bluetooth, and the remaining eight ask for different wired connections. Sound familiar?

How do you provide tools that allow professors and students to interact when the devices they use are evolving so rapidly? During this AMX-led webinar, hosted by AVI-SPL, we will highlight the challenges and opportunities the BYOD trend provides when paired with solutions deployed at our partner institutions. Join us Wed., July 9 at 1 p.m. EST.

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About the Presenter

For nearly 20 years, Casey Foulds oversaw Classroom Instruction Technology and the daily operation of classroom technology at Texas Woman’s University.  In her roles, she designed, installed, maintained and trained both technical staff and faculty end users on classroom technology systems, and audio visual tools that enhanced learning across three campuses. With AMX, she grows and develops existing and new relationships with higher education end users and helps plan and foster academic technology plans with university and college stakeholders. She also supports and assists new technology implementations with higher education technology specialists.

Harman to Acquire AMX

Harman, an AVI-SPL partner that delivers audio solutions for the professional market, made the news today with the announcement that it plans to purchase AMX for 365 million. AMX is also a vendor partner of AVI-SPL, and specializes in control and automation systems.

Take a look at the AMX page at AVI-SPL and see how its products make it easier for users to control and manage their AV technology and promote the creation of intelligent buildings. AVI-SPL can bring those types of systems into your work environment. Contact us at 1-866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Webinar Recording: Digital Media Switching by AMX

AVI-SPL and AMX’s webinar “Superior HD Digital Media Switching Made Easy as Analog” is now available for download. During this event, Paul Hand explored the challenges related to the distribution of encrypted signals and scaling concerns.  Participants learned about AMX’s SmartScale®, InstaGate Pro™ and DXLink™ Transmitters and Receivers, which together address the three biggest issues experienced with the distribution of HDMI/HDCP signals.

AVI-SPL University Professional Series Online logoDownload “Superior HD Digital Media Switching Made Easy as Analog.”

Have more questions about digital media switching? We’re here to answer. Call 866-559-8197 to talk to an AVI-SPL representative or email us at

AMX White Paper on HDCP Authentication

AMX and AVI-SPL present the free tech paper, “Overcoming the Blank Display With Instant Decryption,” which describes the challenges presented by High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to sending video signals to multiple displays.

Topics include:

  • How HDCP works
  • The role of key selection vectors
  • Addressing key overruns with InstaGate Pro

To learn more about the advantages of AMX InstaGate Pro, access the free tech paper, “Overcoming the Blank Display With Instant Decryption.” On Wednesday, June 27, AMX presents the webinar “Superior HD Digital Media Switching Made Easy as Analog.” During this free event, Paul Hand will explore HDCP authentication delays and how AMX’s SmartScale®, InstaGate Pro™ and DXLink™ Transmitters and Receivers address the biggest issues experienced with the distribution of HDMI/HDCP signals.

It’s our hope that the tech paper will serve as a handy and informative reference sheet and that you’ll join us for the webinar. If you have any questions about this topic, are considering digital media for your enterprise or want to upgrade your current system, contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 or