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Mitsubishi projector in Johnson Controls

Orientation Theater at Johnson Controls

At the Johnson Controls Technology Experience Center in downtown Milwaukee, visitors are taken on a tour of the company’s solutions, which include building automation systems that benefit all markets. In one stop on that tour, the Orientation Theater features a five-minute video that introduces Johnson Controls solutions.  In this area, AMX control has been integrated with an HD surround system and Mitsubishi projector.  Rather than project the video on a traditional screen, AVI-SPL came up with a unique solution, placing a reflective paint over a recess in the wall, and creating a display area that improves screen gain and provides vivid colors. According to the lead AVI-SPL  engineer on the project,  the Mitsubishi projector was the most cost-effective way to display images in 16:9 ratio with the quietest sound.

Panasonic, Christie Digital and Tannoy in Frankie’s Sports Bar

Frankie's Sports Bar Dining AreaFor Frankie’s Sports Bar in Ft. Worth, Texas, AVI-SPL integrated audio-video elements that include many high-def Panasonic displays and Tannoy speakers, as well as a Christie Digital projector.

The main dining room in Frankie’s Sports Bar features an 8′ by 14′ Draper projection screen working in tandem with an HD10K-M Christie Digital projector, and 12 Panasonic 50-inch HD flat screens, with another 20 Panasonics in the main bar.  

“There’s no way you can miss any part of the action here,” says Ta’Shan Nobriga, general manager for the Sundance Square location. “Even our restrooms come equipped with displays behind the mirrors.”

For the audio, 36 Tannoy speakers provide the sounds of the games from a powerful 5,000-watt system.

Read more about AVI-SPL’s solutions for Frankie’s Sports Bar.

Samsung Video Wall at FIU School of International and Public Affairs


Video wall at FIU School of International and Public AffairsIn front of the auditorium entrance at Florida International University’s School of International and Public Affairs, AVI-SPL integrated the largest video wall on campus.  Sixteen Samsung commercial-grade 52-inch LCD’s rest in a  4-by-4 formation, delivering signals from any video or audio source being used inside the auditorium. A single image can be stretched across all 16 of those LCD’s, or multiple images can be displayed. Read more about this solution for FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Paint Brawl 2011

AVI-SPL PaintballPaintball Paint Brawl AVI-SPLA few members of the Tampa Systems Integration group met on the paintball battlefield with some of our customers. The event was nicknamed Paint Brawl 2011 and was designed to build even deeper relationship with these clients, while thanking them for their loyalty. By all measures, the event was a huge success and it is bound to be an annual tradition in Tampa.