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From LCD Displays to Streamlined Control, FAU Recreation Center Gets High Tech!

Located in Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Recreation and Fitness Center is a premier, $18.6 million facility that would provide not only the latest in top notch training equipment, but build a total audiovisual package into the experience.

With over 70 pieces of state-of-the art equipment to choose from, it would soon be easy for workout enthusiasts to catch up on the latest games, campus news and more.

The entertainment setup includes a 52″ Sharp LCD display in the middle, accompanied by a Sharp 46″ LCD on either side. With the flat panels clustered in five groups of three, fitness goers have the perfect viewing angle, no matter their location.

TV feeds have been brought directly into the sound system, allowing the staff to truly amplify the audio during home games. The audio is also connected to the fire alarm and PA, paving the way for clear communications and coverage of critical announcements.

Dual 8″ full range JBL speakers and subwoofers are supported by Chief wall mounts, and run along the entire length of the room. Biamp power amplifiers help boost the signal’s quality and clarity. Between the main workout room and the weights room, 42 JBL ceiling-mounted speakers are used to meet the client’s needs for superior sound performance. The audio’s reach is augmented by the use of the 15 JBLs dispersed throughout the hallways.

The main server room features a Crestron PRO2 central processor, offering dual control at the rack with an iPod docking station, or through the Crestron TMPC-8X 8″ wireless touch panel. Staff can quickly control their audio and video content through their HD direct receivers, which rely on a BlonderTongue modulator for control of the video signals.

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InfoComm’s Lunch and Tour Event in Philadelphia – a Success!

InfoComm Architects Tour

Philadelphia, PA – InfoComm partnered with Acentech, AVI-SPL, Biamp Systems and Chief Manufacturing to host a two-hour technology lunch and tour of the newly renovated Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The event, held Thursday, July 14, is the latest in InfoComm’s Lunch & Tour series aimed at audiovisual industry outreach to architects.

At the event, Philadelphia-area architects were treated to an hour panel presentation from expert panelists who were involved in the audiovisual installation from the inception through completion. Following the presentation, architects were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the latest technology installed in the Convention Center. Highlights of the tour, led by Acentech’s Larry McIntyre, included digital signage innovations in meeting rooms and the grand entrance, the AV control room, a state of the art digital recording room and an integrated emergency PA system throughout the building.

“It was very exciting to have an opportunity to show the local architecture community the intricate technology that we integrated at the Pennsylvania Convention Center,” said Tom Kelley, general manager of AVI-SPL’s Philadelphia office. “We look forward to working on future projects with the architects who attended this event,” he added.

The event was attended by more than 40 Philadelphia area architects, which makes it the largest InfoComm Lunch and Tour to date, said Molly Thompson, Member Program Manager for InfoComm International.

“There was a record turnout of architects and they all came away with a ton of information on what goes into designing a project of this scope,” said Ron Camden, vice president North American sales, Biamp Systems. “Tom Kelley from AVI-SPL’s Philadelphia office delivered an excellent presentation on AVI-SPL’s role as integrator for this project and some of the challenges they faced. You could really see the superb workmanship AVI-SPL produced in the implementation of the design as we saw the racks of equipment and digital signage throughout the facility.

“Also, Biamp’s Michael Frank spoke on how important it is for the architects, the clients, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to be involved early on in a project to maximize the success and save on costs. The Convention Center was a perfect show piece for the architects in attendance to see what can be accomplished with great teamwork,” he said.

“If you get an opportunity to attend one of InfoComm’s AIA Lunch and Tours, go. You will learn a lot,” added Camden.

Special thanks to Acentech, Biamp Systems and Chief Manufacturing for making this project a success, and to InfoComm for hosting this terrific event.

Click here to view more photos from the Philadelphia Lunch and Tour!

In Healthcare Environments, Cisco’s Digital Media Suite Delivers

In healthcare settings, digital signage solidifies branding, delivers wayfinding content as a campus directory, and provides a means for alert notification.

In bringing digital signage to the Tampa, Fla.-based Moffitt Cancer Center, AV leader AVI-SPL teamed with Cisco for their Digital Media Suite (DMS). In turn, Moffitt was provided with a state-of-the-art solution that’s geared towards current and future needs.

“Digital signage allows Moffitt to share content on the main campus and also over the network to our satellite offices and affiliates around the state,” says John Maass, manager of conferencing technology at Moffitt.

The Cisco DMS at Moffitt includes Show and Share, which Moffitt has customized as “Moffitt on Demand.” This You Tube-style portal delivers a user-friendly interface, easily allowing the IT team to control content and provide valuable information to patients and staff members.

In addition, Cisco’s MXE3500 (Media Experience Engine) serves as a key building block for the use of video throughout the organization. It frees IT teams from the time-consuming and manual process of transcoding from one format to another using a user-friendly, intuitive workflow.

As examples:

  • Moffitt has a large library of archived videos. The MXE3500 makes it very easy to show these videos on any device without having to go through a manual transcoding of each file.
  • MXE3500 has several post-production features that make it easy to brand videos with Moffitt’s branding.  It enables Moffitt to specify templates for watermarks, trailers, bumpers, and captions for all video being shown on signs or online.

“The feedback has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says Maass. “Many of our patients have stated that they’ve been waiting for this to happen at Moffitt for some time.”

Play the video below to learn just how Cisco DMS has made a difference at Moffitt, and can make a difference on your campus.

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Minneapolis Improves Emergency Operations with Video Conferencing, Monitoring and More

Located just outside Minneapolis, Minn., the Emergency Operations Training Facility (EOTF) helps meet the training and response needs of the Minneapolis Fire Department, the Minneapolis Police Department, and the City’s Emergency Management Division, along with other regional partners.

“The initiative for an advanced EOC really started to grow in urgency after September 11th tragedies, and quickly gained momentum with the local bridge collapse in 2008,” says Dave Roth, the city’s BIS public safety applications support manager. “In addition, the logistics of planning and coordinating for the Republication National Convention underscored the needs for state-of-the art emergency preparedness.”

Primary Challenge, Advanced Solutions

“The primary challenge was an interesting one: How do you create something that’s state-of-the-art, that does everything you need it to do, and that you know how to operate that only gets activated once every decade?” notes Gerry Pehl, AVI-SPL design engineer. “The EOC required systems in which every component is capable of robust, reliable, operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week,” Pehl adds. “Even the slightest compromised performance in any of the center’s systems can quickly result in tragic consequences.”

Installed technology includes:

  • Crestron DigitalMedia, TPS touch panel and e-control XPanel
  • DNP video wall technology (160″ x 120″ screens) for monitoring
  • Cisco video conferencing codecs
  • Polycom SoundStructure  for all audio signal processing, acoustic echo-cancellation, and teleconference dialing
  • Tannoy ceiling speakers
  • SMART Sympodium for facility-wide annotation capabilities

Take a Tour of the Facility

“With the use of this new monitoring system, our personnel can look at a picture and understand it almost instantly,” says Deputy Chief John Allen, a veteran of the Minneapolis police department. “Through video, we can get information to people a lot faster – especially when time is critical.”

Learn what city officials had to say about the facilities’ latest innovations, and how productivity and response time have improved emergency operations for Minneapolis.

Experience Unified Communications in Any Environment with AVI-SPL at InfoComm

AVI-SPL is headed to the industry’s biggest show of the year – InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Fla., June 15-17, 2011. Exhibiting within the HD Conferencing Pavilion at booth #1679, AVI-SPL will demonstrate the advantages of unified communications in any environment, including corporate, education and healthcare.

In 2010, AVI-SPL completed more than 3,500 integration projects across the country and the world for a diverse set of clients, environments and communication needs. The following projects were recently completed and illustrate the experience of unified communications.

AVI-SPL’s Ft. Lauderdale office worked with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Boca Raton to install the latest communications technology into the school’s new College of Engineering & Computer Science facility. The 97,000-square-foot structure opened in 2010 and infuses the university’s “green” principles, leading the way as the first academic building in the State of Florida designed and built to LEED Platinum standards. AVI-SPL worked with the college to implement energy-conscious technology into the facility such as 75″ HD, 3D-ready Mitsubishi LaserVues, which consume less energy and emit less heat than traditional displays. Learn more about FAU’s energy-efficient design and view photos of the project.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department’s (LACoFD) Emergency Management Center is one of the largest in the country, with close to 4,000 dedicated personnel responsible for fire suppression, emergency medical services, lifeguard operations and airlift rescues among additional operations. Dispatchers previously relied on the use of two 36-inch CRT TVs on carts to relay critical information throughout the Fire Command and Control Facility (FCCF) Dispatch Center. In this arrangement, sharing reports from neighboring rooms required personnel to constantly rush between stations, costing valuable time and energy during crises like wildfires or earthquakes. AVI-SPL implemented a video wall so the entire Dispatch floor would be able to quickly gain an overall perspective on any crisis, allowing decisions to be made more effectively. Take a more in-depth look at the LACoFD technology upgrade and view a photo gallery.

Located in Tampa, Fla., Moffitt Cancer Center is one of the largest cancer research hospitals in the U.S.  Its global affiliate network requires the sharing of time-sensitive knowledge and research with constituents on a daily basis. Given the center’s significant investment in video teleconferencing infrastructure, Moffitt was looking to expand its use of the Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS) to support knowledge transfer. Moffitt came to AVI-SPL, which has partnered with them for years on audio and video integration projects. Based on Moffitt’s current video conferencing investments and ambitious goals of driving video to desktops both internally and externally, AVI-SPL recommended the Cisco DMS/ MXE platform. AVI-SPL integrated a dual DMS/ MXE 3500 environment and tied in feeds from their Tandberg and Polycom capture points. Educational seminars are being distributed live through Cisco’s Show and Share Live Events module, allowing members of local and affiliate communities to participate without the hassles and cost of travel. All content that is streamed during these sessions is captured and transcoded through the MXE 3500 to proper format and bit rate for access through the Show and Share application, where users can interact with and collaborate around content in a social media fashion. Moffitt intends to expand its network to include digital signage for all affiliate members as well. It also plans to continue to use video to broaden and expand its reach, providing immense and immediate value to investments that affiliate members are making in Moffitt’s cutting-edge research toward treating cancer.

The El Paso Corporation is one of the largest independent natural gas producers in North America. As part of the renovation of its 32-story headquarters in downtown Houston, the company needed robust, versatile communications and control systems that would facilitate collaboration, presentation and data sharing. AVI-SPL installed projectors, projection screens and flat panels in multiple conference and training rooms. Crestron RoomView facilitates room scheduling, as well as equipment control and monitoring for the IT staff. Crestron equipment also provides centralized control of the high-definition flat panels in the common areas, while still giving employees the freedom to change channels and hook up laptops for impromptu meetings. Read more about the El Paso Corporation project in IT/AV Report’s recent issue.

To read more about these and additional integration projects, please visit our Project Portfolio. Also visit AVI-SPL’s booth #1679 at InfoComm to learn more about the power of unified communications environments.