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University Enhances Classroom With Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence 3210Through Cisco TelePresence, the American University in Dubai is bringing a world of education to its students.  The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication has deployed the Cisco TelePresence 3210 system into its Global Classroom, connecting it with education networks around the world.

One of those networks inlcudes the U.S.-based National Lambda Rail, a networking consortium.

Through this deployment, students at AUD will be able to participate in lifelike, interactive lectures from around the world.

AVI-SPL is the global leader in designing and deploying audio visual solutions for businesses and educational institutions. If you are considering adding distance learning technologies to your classroom, contact us at 1-800-282-6733 or email us at Learn more about the Cisco TelePresence 3000 series at AVI-SPL.


Connecting Students and Lowering Costs With VTC

A story in the October issue of THE Journal focused on education in rural schools, with a look at schools on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Kodiak Island is approximately 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, separated from the mainland by the Shelikof Strait. Seven out of the 15 schools are accessible only by air or boat. Each school has two teachers. During my tenure with SMART, I recall one of our education consultants, Jaimie Ashton,  telling the story about flying in a two-seater airplane to get to one of these schools for a professional development session, and having to sleep in the school’s locker facility!

No matter where they are, all children in the United States should have equal access to a quality education, and the Kodiak Island district is using distance learning technology through video conferencing (VTC) to reach that goal.  According to the October 2011 issue of THE Journal, “The use of distance learning technology has turned around once-struggling schools by not only enabling students to learn from better-qualified instructors, but also by expanding the breadth of content that can be offered.” Students are able to take Pre-Calculus,  participate in science labs in grades 3 through 8, Advanced Comp, Literature and Music.

AVI-SPL has the solutions to support distance learning through VTC for not only rural districts, but all districts that need to provide specialized classes to meet federal requirements. For example most, schools cannot afford to employ a highly qualified teacher for a limited number of students who need to take AP Calculus, Mandarin languages, or other specialized courses.  However, VTC can bring together several students throughout the district (or region, nation or world!) with one teacher!

Enhance your classroom education with distance learning technology implemented and supported by AVI-SPL. Speak to one of our experts at 1-800-282-6733 or send an email to, and we’ll show you how we can improve your learning environment.

Digital Signage Lights the Way for University of South Florida Student Center

As one of AVI-SPL’s top design/build projects, the University of South Florida’s Marshall Student Center is a stunning 233,000 square foot, four-story facility, an impressive showcase for USF’s drive towards innovation, not to mention a high-level partnership of AV/IT technologies.

As you enter the building, an eye-catching 4′ x 14′ digital signage display – in the midst of a 57′ atrium – offers an attractive multimedia collage of advertising and event highlights. Visix digital signage provides an additional medium for displaying messaging throughout the facility, including by the elevators on each floor.

In addition, the building features comprehensive presentation capabilities throughout the 1,100-seat ballroom, formal conference rooms, meeting rooms, 700-seat auditorium, senate chambers and sports bar. In addition, an RF distribution system provides cable routing throughout the facility.

“The changes implemented have provided that ‘wow’ factor, which is what today’s generation of students expect in a facility of this nature,” says Jennifer Hernandez, assistant director of operations. “Our old student union was limited to using AV carts to help transport presentation technologies. In comparison to these new systems, there’s a day and night difference in our service level capabilities.”

As an example, Biamp’s Audia system provides versatile audio configurations for the auditorium and ballroom. The digital platform solution delivers the powerful ability to combine a room’s audio, separate it, add microphone controls and expand other sound capabilities. This simplifies manageability because all audio configuration is done through software, with just a few clicks of the mouse or a few commands from the control system.

Their 1,100-seat ballroom is perfect for fundraising dinners, conferences and special guest lecturers. At approximately 10,200 square feet, the space is easily divisible into three areas, and features systems that can work independently and simultaneously, or as one large space. Highlights include lighting control, a high performance audio system, electric projection screens, 1080p projectors and a wireless control system.

Learn More About this Case Study

For more information on the positive changes AV technology has brought to USF, visit our case study by clicking here.

You can also request a quote by clicking here, or speak directly with one of our AVI-SPL sales representatives by calling 800-282-6733 today!

Schools Transitioning to Digital Content by 2015

Students in Florida schools will experience a digital learning environment by 2015. The Florida Department of Education is requiring schools to make a transition to all digital content within the next few years. The materials adoption process will no longer be in paper format, but through digital review. Major tasks include assessing district technology needs, identifying teacher preparation and professional development, and monitoring district pilot programs currently in place.

This is a major shift for educators and one that will take much assistance from experts. AVI-SPL has been helping school districts make this shift for many years. Now that the Florida Department of Education has mandated digital content delivery (with other states to follow), AVI-SPL can leverage our tools and professional development to make this transition for our existing and future clients. The digital classroom is right around the corner!

AVI-SPL Gears Up for Summer Institute for Technology Integration 2012

AVI-SPL’s national marketing campaign will attract educators to our beautiful coastline in Pinellas County for SiTi (Summer Institute for Technology Integration), encouraging participants to combine learning with a great beach/sightseeing vacation!

We’re excited to announce that Dunedin Highland Middle School of Pinellas County Schools has been chosen as the host site for the 2012 SiTi, July 22 – 26.

As an attendee of our 2012 SiTi, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Increase your confidence teaching with common technology tools
• Create lessons infused with Higher Order Thinking Strategies for immediate use
• Learn the coaching model for technology integration
• Gain valuable technology leadership skills
• Transform into a top-notch TechXtraordinary Teacher!

The series will be led by Dr. Jennifer Brown King, author of TechXtraordinary Integration (TXI) for Pearson Custom Publishing. Through King’s inspirational work, TXI emphasizes how to integrate technology through a unique scaffolding technique called the Technology Integration Plan (TIP), designed to layer course planning and technology tools in a practical and meaningful way to impact both teaching and learning.

The picturesque town of Dunedin, Fla., with waterfront accommodations and a nationally recognized downtown, was chosen to welcome educators to the event. Attendees will have  an opportunity to combine a fun getaway with a unique professional development experience. This is a great opportunity to build a vacation around our 2012 SiTi by exploring Dunedin and all it has to offer: a beautiful downtown voted “most walkable small city,”  Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands, as well as the Pinellas Trail and Trolley, to mention a few. The movie Dolphin Tale, which was filmed in this area, has created a spotlight on North Pinellas County.  AVI-SPL will shine our own spotlight on Pinellas County School District as a national education leader in technology integration.

For More Information

To learn more about this event, please feel free to contact AVI-SPL Education Consultant Patti Palancia by clicking here.